Friday, 29 March 2019

Wednesday - a busy day.

I think there is some saying about the management get to carry the can. Well today I did! I delivered a load of empty cans ex marmalade making for the church. These are an ideal size for paintbrush cleaning. There seems to be a fairly good balance between the amount of marmalade consumed and the number of brushes for cleaning.


Having just about reached the end of door work on 4986 Craig was checking the records.

While Paul moved on to stripping door 8 from 34929. Here cleaning up the window mechanism

Trevor has picked up on a door was made a start to some time ago. So it has progressed to the panelling already.

Des was back to staining and varnishing a panel for Broadway . Ed didn't like the exposed side of the chiller cabinet, which tends to grab the attention as you enter the refreshment room, so he has made a concealment panel to blend in with the counter and reduce the impact of the cabinet.

The main focus of work has shift to BSK 34929 in the workshop and CK 16221 in the barn.

On the BSK one section is now ready for greying up so after a wipe over to remove dust David started on the window frames.

There is still some structural work going on. Ken welded in a new door pillar and started the replacement of the associated body side.


Welcome to Richard Pratt who joined us today.

He was soon assisting Geoff with the flooring edges to the new saloon area.


Tony has started on the window clean up for 16221. A slider with broken glass dismantled and the frame cleaned up.

He moved on to clean the glass in this window , also for 16221, and replace the rubber which has largely perished throughout the carriage windows.


At the south end of the carriage Nick and John Varley  cut out the rusty sections of both outer crash pillars and the base plate welding new steel back in place. The inner pillars and the inner section of the base plate will have to wait until the gangway connector has been removed.

Bob Mac completed the base coat of red oxide on the roof where it was appropriate to do so.

some patches were NOT worth any attention until some metal work repairs have been done.

Dave was working on this first class arm rest and side panel for 16221

while John Completed the seat back arm rest.

and Penny and Dave measured up ready to cut the next set of pieces of moquette for another set.

In the wood work shop Colin was making a ceiling panel section

and in the barn Derek lined up the planks for the deck of the platform trolley.

While checking out a set of shelving we are currently storing for David  (shops Dept.)  I had the opportunity to stop and admire the C&W yard wild garden. Things are growing well again this year. Beside the mass of primroses we already have a dandelion seed head (extreme left) fully formed.

Having completed the day it was home change and out again to give a 90 minute talk on behalf of the railway to a group on Gloucester.

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