Friday, 22 March 2019

Wednesday - A big lift

How about an uplifting start to the day. The giant crane was sort out scrap rail from usable stuff and a pair of points that have been under the pile for a while.

Also disturbed but some long time ago the empty wasp nest a tiny one just the size of z golf ball in the frame of a seat base.

The base was being stripped form recovering by Dave who was very glad the residence had been vacated.

No Penny was hiding just in case. She was in fact trying and eventually succeeding in putting the bolt that holds the armrest in place in this seat back while was wiggling (adjusting) the position of the arm.

The first thing is to locate the hole with a small rod to position the armrest before collection the big bolt from the bench to put in place.

Later in the day with both armrests in place and the seat ready for final trimming.

 The door team have completed the main work on the current carriages so Trevor has moved on to a door from 34929. we had previously done some work on it. Now we are returning to complete it.

 Just extracted from the stores this large section of timber.

was soon cut down to size with this first batch of chocks for the Diesel department. They have a different profile to the one for carriages and all the locos have different one as well the difference being the curve is cut to the same radius as the wheel they are for.

Derek started the reassembly of the Winchcombe platform trolley

Now 34929 is in the workshop some serious attention is being applied. The sanding and filling continues.

but close scrutiny of the doorways resulted in the decision to strip several down for detailed investigation of the pillars.

Fred was adding some more batons for the panelling to be fixed to when we get that far.

The chocks got painted.

Some final touches were applied to 4986 with new door restraint straps fitted.

and the final door bumper positioned by Mike.

After period of scratching around for things to do by the welders we are now in full flow with 7221 in the barn, Although there was no welding today just the massive amount of prep work removing the rust and finding the solid metal. Ken stripping the south end down.


Jerry and Rex removed a window one from each side to see what we will need to do.


The light shining through the end says it all. Lots to do, this is the bottom of a crash pillar with the shin in a bad state.

These light fittings have been cleaned up and painted ready for 34929.


and a big thank you to Alan for a new supply of rags for brush cleaning etc. That will give Dave a big lift the supply was running a bit low.

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