Thursday, 21 March 2019

Tuesday -Loads to do again

With the planned shunt at last done, our work load has dramatically increased. Especially with a number of other things that are now also available, so there was quite a list of things to do for the Tuesday gang.

The large number of fitments for the two new battery boxes had all been black glossed by Stu by the time I arrived. Included were some corridor connection trims.

Richard continues the painting of the door sections of the battery boxes, initially sanding the primed wood to smooth the raised wood grain before undercoating in Dark Grey.


The outsides of the boxes themselves were also undercoated where this had not been done.

Derek had completed the glossing of the Winchcombe platform trolley pieces.

 In fitting the internal panelling on Saturday, Steve had shave off some of the door frame. Stu carefully sanded the relevant areas and then repainted accordingly.

Something quite unusual with this coach is an inner layer between the outer body and interior panelling, which leaves a gap in the doorway. Normally the interior panelling would butt up against the door frame. The easiest way to fill the gap is to use paintable sealant, which Stu tidies up having just applied it. When dried this will be overpainted with the cream and brown top coat accordingly.

More excellent progress with the painting of the LNWR van as Maurice and Cheryl jointly work on the south end.

Moving into the Workshop with Alan sanding more filler on the Cotswold side of BSK 34929.

At the north end Keith is doing the same with a pad sander.

On into the Barn with Bob on the roof of CK 16221. All the roof has now been cleaned off ready for a coat of primer. Bob also tackled a number of other jobs, including loosening the tank filler pipes, which in turn revealed where corrosion had eaten through the roof.

In one of the compartments Derek, heavily masked up, removes the cracking lino.

Unusually the 03 shunter had been stabled in Platform 2. Complete with its copper-capped chimney, the paintwork on this still looks very good.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The trolley is coming along nicely. It does look a bit LMS style but the GWR brown takes to it well.
Good to see 16221 being started. One less rusty coach in the yard!
Regards, Paul.