Friday, 8 March 2019

Tuesday - Even more little jobs

Twelve of the Tuesday gang in attendance with most of us engaged in quite a number of small jobs, some of which had been listed on Saturday.

In addition to a trip to Toddington where the main rake is based, John Hamer was busy on the Maroon Rake with several jobs, which included sorting out a light fitting and a door, both if which required some painting afterwards.
However, not all jobs were small, with the LNWR van receiving top coat at both ends and undercoating on the Cotswold side, with Cheryl, Ainsley and later John Hughes all involved.

The long list of jobs mentioned above involved BCK 21092. This particular one though wasn't listed and was started by myself on Saturday when I discovered that the inside of the guards desk had somehow been missed and was very dirty. I gave it a quick clean and undercoat. Richard Hoy now follows up with top coat, completing the job with a fresh coat on the desk lid.
The seat in the disabled compartment had a bad chip in one of the legs. John Hughes carefully sanded this down, and then added stain and varnish.
There were quite a number of places in the compartments that had missed out on the original varnishing sessions. Maurice went through all of them and soon had this corrected. Obviously the masking tape and covers were much in use to protect the upholstery.

Rubber seals were stuck in all the doorway threshold woods, and the top and bottom edges then carefully glossed.

Returning to the guards compartment much later to find that Dennis had covered the large Perspex window (into the disabled compartment) with plyboard on both sides. A pin board will be now placed over this for notices.

Moving on to TSO 4986 with Stu catching up with the lining out on one of the recently reinstated doors.

 The work to reinstate the south end corridor door was completed on Saturday. As such Richard lightly sanded the undercoat on the door face before adding the first of two top coats of the Tan paint.

With the main pivot circle now repaired, Derek contemplates the next stage in the rebuild of the Winchcombe Station trolley.


Various metal parts from the trolley have been cleaned and coated in oxide. Alan now paints on the undercoat brown.

Vivien was back on the station platform sandwich boards.

Report by Dave Clark


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St Blazey 1925 said...

The LNWR van is looking smarter. A thought has just come to me. If you have a word with Jo, a handling canopy could be constructed at the good dock at Winchcombe. This would help to keep at least some of the goods stock out of the brunt of the weather. A possibility anyway.
The work on 4986 and 21092 is moving forward now and can't be far off complete on both vehicles. Well done all.
Regards, Paul.