Friday, 22 March 2019

Thursday - A very good start

Over 20 attending today, and scattered throughout the Works and in the Yard.
A very good start was made by our new Freight Maintenance team comprising Ian, Bryan, Bob and Nick. Led by Ian the team first tackled the china clay wagon W743835, and then went on to do the Queen Mary guards van S56035 and 12T goods van 755964. All vehicles passed the Fitness To Run (FTR) exam in line with the current standards. And did the team enjoy it all? Very much so, to the extent that they have also volunteered to look after the Permanent Way and Ballast trains. 

With the 3rd Rake back in its siding after the Gold Cup day, Dennis waters up. Although we often clean inside the rake, this time contract cleaners have been booked to do the job.

While out in the Yard, a wander over to SK 24006 to find Pat and Alan doing some more internal demolition (a message from Alan to one of our blog readers, "Hello Arthur!"). As previously stated, although it will be some time before we can bring 24006 into the Works, early work such as this can be very useful and saves a lot of effort when restoration begins in ernest.

Similarly in TSO 4867, another future restoration, Dave Hancox and Phil Salter were dismantling the seats.

Looking into the south compartment, it may look a jumble but all this can be taken out and stored as soon as the coach comes in, leaving us clear to tackle the body work, windows, and structure as required.

Back to the Barn, where Jeff is busy inside BCK 21092 doing a number of minor paint jobs now that further items have been fitted ("not to be moved" flags in the guards department and passenger door straps). He then went on to window cleaning. Here he is using fine wire wool to clean the insides of the droplight top bars.

Dave Hancox fitting the south toilet compartment door in 21092 (this was actually taken prior to Dave working in 4967).

Derek was adding more parts to the reconstructed platform trolley.

Ken tackling more of the south end of CK 16221. Metal panelling so far cut out has revealed that the crash pillars uncovered have not corroded as bad as first thought. 
Rob very kindly produced some very sturdy hooks for the Paintshop on which to store compressor pipe and electric extension cable. We already have some set up but in reality needed a few more.

Moving on to BSK 34929, the capping strips around the guards and passenger entrances were being removed by Gerry and Ken, the panelling underneath being somewhat buckled.

 With the strips removed its very obvious why this was so. The lock was also taken off and it is very likely that new wooden liners will be required when this area is rebuilt.

Peter worked his way down the corridor doing a little straightening with a heavy hammer.

On the Malvern side Martin continues the filling and sanding work. 


Phil Salter working on the back bolts for this toilet seat (from 34929?).


Phil Jones black glossing the reverse sides of the doors for the new battery boxes for 34929. This just about completes the boxes and fittings, so they can now be rebuilt ready for putting under the coach when appropriate.

Richard Hoy did more catching up with door painting on TSO 4986.

Finally, four new and freshly painted chocs for the Diesel Dept. These will be taken up on Saturday and the profiles checked. They should be ok, but best to make sure before we do the whole batch of 20.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Great to see that you now have a dedicated goods wagons crew. Now the wagons will receive the attention they deserve without pulling workers off the carriage rolling stock.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Some clarification - The maintenance team look after the operational carriages, dealing with brake wear checks oiling bearings and any snagging issues that arise. The new wagon team will do the same for the wagons ie P'Way train, ballast train and freight for the galas. They are all existing volunteers stepping up to deal with this facet of the departments work.