Monday, 4 March 2019

Thursday - The rain returned

Twenty three attending so we were scattered just about everywhere, from the station to the far yard. With the new season almost upon us essential maintenance was still very much to the fore. We had a dry start to the day, but it wasn't long before the gentle drizzle turned into some heavy outbursts, providing an "interesting" time for those working outside.

Beginning with essential maintenance inside the 3rd Rake, with some loose tables to attend to. Unscrewing a table from the wall isn't the easiest job as Bob Slater is clearly demonstrating.

That's better! Bob can now release the securing brackets. Sometimes it's just a matter of tightening existing screws, but often it's failing panelling which requires removal and some reinforcing battens fitted.

Tony and Alan on the other side of the corridor had already removed their table and were similarly freeing up the brackets.

Pat has a handy hammer in case drastic action is required!

Dennis and Paul were back with more cleaning in the rake.

Nick works on the removed door to reinstate the left hand droplight stop. The door was taken from the Maroon rake on the Cotswold side, so when the heavy rain came, it was a case of mopping up the vestibule lino. It was put back at the end of the day so that the train could be secured.

Also from the Maroon Rake a vac cylinder with a valve problem. John dismantles and checks the valve with Ian later refitting it.

More movement outside with SK 25451 being shunted out of the Barn with its door frame and vestibule ceiling problems now fixed.


Even in the rain he's always smiling! Richard Bates fitting new batteries to one of the Maroon Rake's coaches.

 Into BCK 21092 with Richard Hoy varnishing the re-stained skirting in the centre vestibule, and later adding a further coat to the newly replaced panel by the door.

Dave Hancox and Tony Barnard (pictured) were fitting skirting board in both toilet compartments.


In the disabled compartment Phil Jones fits the doorframe strips, two of which have been newly made.


Cleaning windows outside and in by Bob Keyte and John Hughes, with scrapers, very fine wire wool, rags and window cleaner in use.


Rob Cory was cutting more supporting lengths of angle iron for the repairs underneath BSK 34929.

Bryan test fitting one of the heavy covers for the ends of the communication cord mechanism on TSO 4986. These had previously been cleaned up and given a coating of oxide by Malcolm. Annoyingly the fit is not quite right and a small modification will be need to the slots to make these fit. We have several different types but they all had the same problem.

Earlier on Bryan had been carefully grinding down the threshold strip on the Cotswold side centre door of 4986 to make a better fit.

 Back to the Winchcombe Station trolley with Derek cleaning up one of the corner sections.


A motley selection from the trolley. The metal parts later being cleaned and coated in oxide, while the main pivot section is under repair.

Report by Dave Clark

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