Monday, 11 March 2019

Thursday - It's all go-go-go!

Literally summing up the day, with last minute jobs still going on as the final two rakes were prepared for the new season. Thankfully another large number attending.

Beginning with the Maroon Rake, earlier blog reports have indicated the problem we have with the laminate lifting from the table tops in TSO 4614. Three tops have so far been repaired and were dully reinstated, the latter aspect an essential job with the rake returning to Toddington north head shunt later in the day. I think the legs belonged to Tony and Alan!


 In the Maroon RMB, Richard Budd was installing a double plug to enable both the existing cool box and new drinks cabinet to function.

The gushing pipe indicates that that the tank in this coach is full, Dennis was looking after the watering up of the rake.

A view of the Maroon and 3rd rakes from the footbridge. Directly below is RMB 1808 which was being stocked ready for Gold Cup Day.


The time approaches when the Maroon rake will soon be on its way back to Toddington

Last minute repairs to FK 13337 "Gillian", with Pat and Alan working on one of the door backs.


The north end corridor slider on the coach has been a problem for a while.

In the Workshop Ken cleans up the top track from the door. Thankfully, with FK 13329 now being added to the rake, the sliding door will now remain open.

What a relief to see FK 13329 being added to the rake with its repairs completed.

The 03 gently propels the now 8-coach 3rd rake back into its siding.

In the Paintshop TSO 4986 continues to progress. Bryan was back on the fitting of the communication cord equipment on the south end.

 Literally just around from Bryan was Jeff rebuilding the back of the Malvern side south door.


Martin staining and later varnishing the back panelling for the remaining doors awaiting refitting, both being on the Malvern side of 4986.

Numerous jobs for Richard including cleaning up the striker plates and door locks around the coach .

Phil Jones adds a second top coat to the south corridor connection door

Moving to the work being done under BSK 34929, with Rob demonstrating the new box sections with top hat bar welded on.
 Nick prepares to weld another piece.

Underneath 34929 Rob indicates where the strengthened supports will be welded.

Richard undercoats in Dark Grey the primed planking from the LNWR van.

We are setting up a wagon maintenance team. John Appleton, Head of Maintenance, instructs three of the new team, Ian, Nick and Bryan.  

Derek putting together the side pieces of the Winchcombe Station trolley.

Phil with another heavy coupling to clean up and paint.

Report by Dave Clark

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