Monday, 18 March 2019

Thursday - A better day

A much better day weatherwise for the races, though there was a severe squall for about 5 minutes early on. There were more missing faces as expected and we were able to wave at them as they passed by on the two race trains.
After the squall. It will be good to get the new concrete apron round the end of the Barn, but we need to get some new sleepers installed first.

Nick and Rob were able to complete the repairs to the cross-spars under BSK 34929. We can now get the coach into the Workshop.

Rob cleans up what was probably the final support section to be welded underneath.
Inside TSO 4986 Paul was sealing the floor.

While on the Malvern side Martin worked on the final two doors that had been fitted the day before. The one that had been top coated needed a fresh coat of brown as this section had been scratched. Just the yellow lining out to do to complete this door.

The centre door needed further sanding and filling, and then was given a second coat of undercoat Light Grey. Looking somewhat strange with the surrounding area fully top coated and lined out, we will soon has this door completed as well.

Bryan was back on the communication cord equipment at the south end of the coach, this time on the Cotswold side of the corridor connection.


Bob primed or undercoated as required the various parts of the two new battery boxes for BSK 34929.

On the other side of the painting trestles Derek had dismantled the platform trolley and was undercoating the various parts that had been primed the previous day.

Later in the Barn Derek is power brushing some of the metalwork around the pivot section of the trolley.

With all the painting he could currently do with the battery boxes completed, Bob also moved out to the Barn to top coat the bogie puller.

There was something going on inside SK 24006 which would explain the missing faces of the Indoor Gang. With all the interior work completed as far as possible in BSK 34929, Pat, Tony and Alan assisted Dave Hancox, co-owner of 24006, with some interior dismantling. It will of course be some time before we can begin the restoration of this coach, but this early work will prove useful.


With the base frame removed from this window, Pat points out the corroded metal underneath.


Pat dismantling one of the window hand poles.


Tony with one of the removed compartment doors. Everything will be kept in the coach until serious work can begin. When we get the chance we will bring the coach into the Barn so that the roof can be checked and any preventative repairs to it made if necessary.


I had to go to Toddingtion for some office stationery. It was job finding a parking space with all the coaches, cars and racegoers everywhere, but the reward of catching the two specials just prior to departure to Cheltenahm Racecourse Station speaks for itself. Even the footplate crews were taking photos of this splendid sight.
Bob Mac, Winchcombe signalman for the day, exchanges tokens with the fireman of "Dinmore Manor" on the returning empty special. All the staff on the train sit relaxed after their hectic journey down. Both trains return to Toddington, going back to Cheltenhm to pick up the happy racegoers in the late afternoon.The first of the two NYMR loan coaches can be seen after the Manor.

Report by Dave Clark

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