Monday, 4 March 2019

Saturday - final prep

Another busy day at C&W with over 25 in attendance again. One of the main activities of the day was a big shunt to get the  rakes back into the correct order for the race trains now only a few days away. It all has to be done prior to the start of running next week-end.

And then there were birthdays to celebrate Andy Thompson and here Phil Salter both on the big one! 

Actually we are at the star of a hectic couple of weeks with several celebrations due.

Elsewhere there was arms akimbo in the upholstery shop as John and penny completed the installation of the arm rests into the is seatback

Dave on the other hand was cleaning the  armrests from the next seat,

Paul having identified another plank of rotten timber on the Cotswold side of the LNWR van started removing it.

While Richard was priming the new planking for the Malvern side doors.

Dave was varnishing the 2 replacement door panels for 21092.

While Alex was getting down to some detailed work on noticeboards for Broadway.

Inside the BCK 21092 toilets Dave Hancox was sorting out the positioning of the paper towel waste bins. It goes here somewhere but locating the backing timbers to screw into isn't the easy.

Steve was progressing the fitting out of the toilets in 4986. Shelving and handrails now back in place.

Being Chairman isn't all post HRA dinners and collection awards. We need 4 of these cleaned up please.

John Osborn was prepping some caps for the legs

on this Vac Cylinder rake. Once completed and in place it will tidy up that area and give us back some floor space.

John Squires setting up to mill some brass door lock plates.

During the shunting a leaking DA Valve was identified. It was removed and serviced before being re-installed later in the day.

Still at it this sign writing does take a while. On to the first layer of shadow

The original Stretcher from the National railway museum has transferred to our ownership and will be associated with the CK when its restored with its ambulance window.

Add a line round the border and that's it for the day. There is still the second layer of shadowing to be applied another day.

5 comments: said...

A wonderful blog, thank you one and all

Andy P & Jaz said...

Phil, With one candle and those circles of the cake and plate, you are looking good for '100' !

Andy P. (ex- HofD Drainage)

Alex said...

He doesn't look a day over 90 does he? ;-)

Alex (safe in the knowledge I'm not back for another month!)

Alistair Kewish said...

does your skillful young signwriter accept commissions?

The reason for asking is that I am the owner of an 0-4-2 tank loco, one side of which needs the company decals redoing to bring it up to scratch.

It was always my favourite class of small GW locos so when I had the brass to buy one I did.

And it is also a beautiful model.


signing off,
Alistair Kewish

Alex said...

Hi Alistair,

Potentially, depends exactly what you want doing and what scale. Also worth bearing in mind I'm a student in Sheffield who only spends limited time in Gloucestershire these days, however I do still make regular visits. Email me if you like, alex.caulfield1999 (at)