Monday, 11 March 2019

Saturday - Here we go again

The first day of operations is already on us!

And the first movement of the day wa this well loaded trolley departing the worksd for the third rake.

Paul Driving and Dennis Guard.

They were soon passed by the first train of the day ….going backwards!


Going, gone

Still well ahead of the rest of the department John Hill working on the seats for CK 7221.

Chris Taylor with the big mallet fitting the door location guide plate for door 5 on 4986.

And the panels for the door got another coat of varnish.

We were soon back into the swing of operations catching glimpse of the passing DMU in an outbreak of sunshine.

More solid progress on door reconstruction for the LNWR van by Paul and Richard.

Continuing with efforts to improve storage John Osborn making a new storage rake for Vac Cylinders
While here Andy and out of shot Ian made some new mini pallets
to put them on.

James was making some welding repairs to a U section of this gangway connector.


for Ken who was working on the main plate drill out and replacing old studs.

Richard prepared a steam heat hose and vacuum hose for 2 emergency replacements required during the day. This isn't unusual at the start of a new season after a couple of month of none running.

Also out for stretch P&O showed up on a short test run from Toddington. They had to shunt up the sidings for the service trains to pass.

the right way round now.

The newly freed up coupler is getting some TLC from Dave that it had clearly not experienced for a long time.

Communication C&W style. It helps get over the problem of different people in everyday.

The ?future head? of C&W come in for a visit today. It won't be long!

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Alex said...

A further note to be stuck to the LNWR van - I was looking at some pictures and guides for the signwriting when it gets to that stage, but before that discovered/remembered that the LNWR painted the solebars and headstocks of their wagons the same dark grey colour as the body, not black. The grey also included the buffer shanks but not any of the other ironwork such as the handbrake and handbrake guides or cast plates etc. which were black picked out in white.

The SVR can usually be relied upon to get things right: