Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Saturday - finally well almost

Today we got to have the re-organisation of carriages in the works. Something we have been waiting for a while.

The BCK 21092 was moved out of the workshop and over to the jack road for some finasl checks and its fitness to run exam.

The BSK 34929 swapped places finally making it into the main workshop.

during the shunt there was the usual opportunity for a big sweep up.

Then the CK 16221 (previously known as 7221) was moved from the back siding into the barn for work to get started again. We had previously done a lot of work on the carriage before serious amonts of asbestos was found and we had to get that professionally removed. At last the carriage has found a new slot in the restoration cycle.

The old stick on Scot Rail panel was the first thing to go this time removed by Richard.

The next step was for Phil to check out the electrics and get the lights working again.

Then we started the pre-work examination 'what's to be done?' Well some things are obvious!

The gangway connector has been removed from this end for a long time so Ken was soon able to start assessing the platework on the north end.

Now in the workshop the BSK is starting to get a lot more attention George was soon away with the pre work something he is meticulous with.

The brackets retrieved from store for the heating pipes ware being painted on the paintshop

As were the battery boxes.

and the platform trolley sections.

In the paintshop 4986 is rapidly reaching completion the last doors rehung are progressing weill with this one door 1 already being lined out.  The rag is to stop the door bashing the paintwork if opened to far. The restraining strap has not been fitted yet.

while door 2 is now being undercoated.
Paul has applied another coat of sealant to the floor. Anyone who enters here will be in deep trouble!

John Osborn completed the vac cylinder frame. so that is ready to be moved and painted up.

And we did manage to catch a view of the trains passing. well its why we come after all.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All on the move then.
4986 does look good.
Also, whilst I have the opportunity, the new 'zoom in' facility to get a really close look is fantastic!
Regards, Paul.

Unknown said...

Excuse my ignorance but you keep use the phrase "Jack Road" what does it mean please?

Alex said...

The road in the workshops that has the carriage jacks on it! :)

Anonymous said...

With 21092 and 4986 nearing completion, what will take their spaces in works? A quick repaint or more restorations from the yard?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Effectively 16221 is replacing 21092.
When 4986 leaves we are discussing what needs a quick repaint most and we also have the DMU unit to come back for flooring and the internal fitting out to be completed but will be after the engine overhaul has been completed.