Thursday, 28 February 2019

Wednesday - bits and bobs

On a wonderfully sunny day and with a good attendance there was lots of bits cleared up.

We have decided to replace 2 of the door panels on 21092 not with new but reclaimed ones from the 'Stores'. Colin was charged with sanding them down ready for re-varnishing.

Des was doing some final varnishing the centre vestibule of 21092 and found a bad section of panelling trim beside the door. As its Wednesday and the woodwork team are in Eddie was soon persuaded to cut a new bit which Des then fitted (the light coloured section on the right). He also gave that first coat of varnish.

Rod starting a little snagging painted the missing section of yellow lining out on the edge of door 4.

Bryan continued his fitting of new floor supports in the BSK.

While Rex and Gerry removed the battery boxes to allow access to the underframe for more welding repairs. nit also showed how rotten the boxes were.

By the end of the day Dave Ward was well on in the making of 2 new ones.

On 4986 the trimming of the door entrances continued the rebate has been found to be too shallow  to get the draught excluder rubber in position and allow the door to shut smoothly. A minor adjustment but rather fiddly to do.

While taking pictures for the blog and discussing progress I know exactly why I take various pictures. However, there are the odd occasions when I get home I wonder what the heck is that aboy? This is one such picture. It took me a few moments to realise its the inside of a door (door lock top right). However, I still haven't got the faintest what I was trying show.

So I will just tell you about a couple of door issues dealt with today. This door is from 5023. During the summer there was window failure. the result was that the bottom stop for the window was sheared off the door leaving a hole in the aluminium cast door. We removed the door stripped it down ready for repairs on Thursday, The only thing is we had to rehang the door to make the rake of carriages secure.

Ah worked it out but it doesn't really show well in the picture the glass it totally out of the carrier. Its amazing the glass didn't break considering the mess it made of the door!

The other door dealt with the originally non working door 6 on 13329. The lock mechanism was sorted by Chris on Saturday. Today John Hamer completed the cosmetic side of the repair.

Ther upholstery team are as usual well ahead as they get back to working the seats for 7221 which should come into the works very soon.  John Hill and Dave Dron were having a real battle with the arm rest on this seat back. They have to come off to be recovered but are mounted in a way that makes there removal difficult at the best of times let alone after many years of being in store.

It was welcome to David Hewitt who joined us today. With some experience of upholstery he was soon at home working on an end panel and getting used to the staple gun.

Penny was working on the head rest it will all come together soon one more seat ready to fit if only the carriage was as ready!

The 'and finally' today geos to Ainsley working on some war week-end boards.

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