Friday, 1 February 2019

Wednesday -

As the photographer forgot his phone/camera these pictures are curtesy of Dave Clerk who took them for me first thing of Thursday

Not quite as many in as usual so the work was concentrated in few areas.

The first was the Guards door on 21092. These doors of course open inwards and inevitably end up scrapping the floor. As we don't want that happening to our newly laid lino the door had to come off and be shortened. Rex did a great job finishing the day with it  ready for the painters on Thursday.


The next area was the internal of the carriage.

The lower Formica panels in the toilets are beyond repair and as we can't get a suitable replacement that matches the rest we have sanded the rest of it , (to cut the surface so the paint sticks)  ready for painting.

The upholstery team spent the day installing the seats in the double compartment area of the carriage.

The door team are full speed ahead on fitting new panelling to the doors of 4986.


with some of the panels out for varnishing.

The last main area of activity was the staining of the Broadway counter ready for varnishing and note the counter top has finally arrived.

There was also a lot of various bits of welding in hand and Nick and John Varley started cross checking and recording what we have welded on 21092. Quite a lot!

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