Saturday, 16 February 2019

Wednesday - workings

Another good turn out, 25+, on a fine day. So there was a lot going on and it takes some getting round to check on progress.

Door 6 on 4986 is progress well with Des taping up and applying the undercoat.

while Mike in the woodwork shop worked on the, I think, last door panel.

In the barn Tony started by preparing the window openings for the sliders

Before painting the surround. we do this early in the restoration as its much easier to paint this area with the sliders out and it allows us to get the sliders back making the carriage a little more water tight in case we need to shunt it out for any reason.

In the workshop a section of pipe was prepared for the top of 21092. The original one we made was just a bit short when all the joints were tightened up.

Steve was on some delicate soldering for the LED strip lights

Steve works on the mezzanine and while I was up there it was an opportunity to get a different angle on Nike and Ken tightening up that new length of pipework on top of 21092. The carriage arrived with the filler pipes missing from what is for us the Malvern side.

In the barn again and Phil was cleaning up the beaning face on this wheelset

before he and John lowered the bogie back onto it.

The multi story platform trolleys had a final bit of paint. an extras coat on the handle. We need to move them out off the barn where they are starting to get in the way as a lot of focus in now falling on 34929.

It was back to the usual round of jobs in the upholstery shop with Dave removing old seat covers

 However, he was all alone as John, Gerry and Penny were fitting the final seats in the BCK

Not the usual but the RBr gets its annual oil change and service at this time of year. John Hamer on hands and knees hunt the battery fixing nut he had just dropped. All found it was soon running again.

Fred applied another coat of varnish to everything in sight. Broadway shelves and door panels all got treated.

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