Thursday, 7 February 2019

Wednesday - round up

Another good attendance with 22 volunteers in attendance. The range of jobs was as usual varied.

John Hamer was continuing the checks and adjustments on the running rake carriages. Here clamping the spring while the securing nut gets a half turn to adjust the ride height just a bit.

Then its out with the oil gun for a general lube of the moving joints while giving everything a good visual check.

Derek is nearing completion of the first 2 trolleys with some final painting starting.

 While we are on final painting Rod top coated the axle box covers on 4986

While fred was doing the springs The dampers also got a coat of 'signal blue' (tho' I haven't seen a blue signal anywhere)

John Osborn was preparing to drill some securing brackets for mounting points in the guards area of the BCK.

Having finished his painting for the day Derek moved back to sort out the front wheel and axle for the Winchcombe platform trolley.

Ken has returned to making another U section for a gangway connection.

While Mike was starting the fitting of the next set of woods for another door from 4986.

A final coat of varnish was applied to the Broadway counters before they are shipped to Broadway on Thursday.

The counter top was trimmed.

and the shelves also got another coat of varnish.

Penny and John with Dave and me keeping out of the picture (but helping honest!)
Started the fitting of the seats to the second of the First Class apartments

Then they had to sort out the seat numbers


St Blazey 1925 said...

The 'Signal Blue' probably refers to the LEVER colour in signal boxes for the 'FPL' (Facing Point Lock) levers to distinguish them as such.
Now I knew that accommodation was at a premium on GWsR but I had to laugh at your reference to first class APARTMENTS rather than COMPARTMENTS. LOL.
Just to show you that we DO read the content, (avidly), that you write from C&W!
Regards, eyes still running, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry about the apartments but then some of us spend so long in C&W it does seem more like home!