Friday, 22 February 2019

Wednesday - bits and pieces

With 2 carriages both reaching completion we are running out things for some to do.

The normal cycle of work would have one carriage in painting, one mid progress and one starting out with structural repairs. With the Jack road providing under frame access and bogie restoration space.

Currently the jack road, as tends to happen at this time of year, is being used for quick in out fixes and running gear checks.

So in the paint shop we have some bits of painting, skirting boards to complete vestibules in 21092

and varnishing of door panels for 4986

We re-hung 2 doors on 4986 today. so there are just 2 to go now.

Eager for things to do Rod was straight away measuring up and taping up for the lines.

In the workshop, on 21092 there is the odd bit of snagging that needed doing. the door edge lining out got missed. It was soon sorted by Des.

Even the platform trolleys are completed and looking for a home.

The upholstery team have moved on John practicing for the Easter turkey or maybe profiling the foam for a seat head rest destined for 7221. When we manage to get some workshop space to bring it in and start welding repairs.

He and Dave fitted the cover to one of the first class seats for the carriage. I kept well out of the way while the big needle was out to sew the stuffing sections to the frame work

We often get asked where do you get your spares. This is one way!

We recently acquired a scrap carriage end (free, just transport costs) and Ken spent some time recovering parts that will be useful. The gangway dampers, U section (only minor repairs needed), gangway rubber and out gangway plate. We may well be able to reuse for the steel frame work that is in good condition. A quick add up and we are defiantly in profit having easily covered the transport costs with what has been recovered for re-use.


There was a lot of shunting with the BSK moving to the jack road so that the through barn road is available for some roof work and a roof painting on another running carriage. A quick job ready for the start of next season in just 3 weeks time! It also meant the LNER van moved into the paintshop and the horse box to the workshop

All that meant there is some space for stripping the bits down.

Derek was asking what next, Oh yes another platform trolley.

Eddie and the woodwork team completed the installation of the Broadway counter. Pictures of the completed counter appear elsewhere.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All sterling work and the trolleys look wonderful. I imagine that Broadway would like one!
The coach end was a good find.
Regards, Paul. said...

We could do with a platform trolley at Broadway.