Saturday, 16 February 2019

Tuesday - Variety indeed

Firstly, in response to last Thursday's report, Malcolm Yates enquired about the two GWR trollies. The owner of the trollies will be signing over one of them to the Railway and keeping the second one. At present we don't know where the first trolley will end up, but my guess is that it will probably be Broadway.

In response to Saturday's report, Mark enquired about storage for our coach seats. Yes, storage is always a problem. There is only so much space available in the Upholstery Shop, so we have to make use of any available space in the various vehicles in the yard. The BG in the 3rd Rake has in effect two large rooms that were built many years ago, both of which give ample space for storage. So a set of seats have been travelling up and down the line for a while.

Moving on to Tuesday's report, we were scattered throughout the Works, especially with the now limited aspects of the available work on the TSO and BCK.

It was back to more shelf varnishing, this time with Cheryl coating what will be the upper sides. All these are of course for the Broadway counters.

The other station job in hand was being done by Vivien, one of the Friends of Winchcombe Station as well as a member of our Upholstery group. I bet Alex wishes he was here and doing this job!

On TSO 4986 it was back to that green door preparation for Richard Hoy. Not nice having to do this when the main body of the coach has been fully top coated and transfers applied. We could have taken the door off to do the job, but as it works perfectly we preferred leaving it in situ.


However the back panelling and window sides have been completely removed and stored safely so as not to damage them.


While Richard took a break, Bob Slater fits the missing grab handle. As the corner panelling was new, fresh holes had to be drilled.

Much later in the day, with the preparation completed, Richard applies the base coat of undercoat Light Grey. If no further prep is required, we can get the line positions taped up and apply the main undercoating.

Maurice cleans up the north end corridor connection chequer plate prior to adding the silver Hammerite.

On to BCK 21092 and in the south toilet compartment Dave Hancox begins fitting the various shelves that have been recently cleaned up and re-varnished.

There was an ugly bracket securing the little double seat to the wall of the saloon compartment. Eddie made a small cover, which was stained and varnished, and is a vast improvement. The mixture of Georgian Mahogany and Medium Oak stains, and a coating of varnish, provided an almost perfect match to the surrounding panelling.

Following the initial fitting last week, Bob Mac spent more time working of the base runner for the BCK's sliding corridor door and it now shuts perfectly.

Dennis refitted the bases of both guards doors, the Malvern side door having an extra metal strip and in effect avoiding the need for a draft excluder. Both door backs will have some more paint to complete the job.


Some of the important ceramics cleaned up and ready for putting back in the BCK.

It's nice to have the two new hot air blowers in the Barn to take the chill away. Enjoying the warmth is Keith, continuing the filling and sanding on the Cotswold side of BSK 34929.


Not quite so warm on the Malvern side, but certainly working hard and raising the dust clouds was Bob Slater. A lot more filler has been applied to this side of the coach hence the use of the air sander.


Finally John Hamer set to work and did a great job cleaning up the wheelset. Unfortunately it looks as though some flats discovered when cleaning the treads, when combined with the thinness of the tyres, will render this set unusable. However we can make use of the axle boxes so all is not lost.

Report by Dave Clark

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