Thursday, 7 February 2019

Tuesday - Lucky 13

13 of us in attendance and more good progress.
Richard adds the GWR roundels to TSO 4986. It's always nice to see these go on as it usually marks the near finishing of the paintwork. However with most of doors still to be finally mounted, with this coach we still have a way to go yet.

The team were back to painting the bogies with Maurice working on the Malvern side. We don't often do this, mainly because the sheer effort of trying to clean them up makes it not worth while. However this set had been grit-blasted and coated in black primer, in effect giving us a "blank canvas" and requiring only a quick wipe over with thinners prior to adding the "Underframe Black". Another job being undertaken by Stu was more paint tidying up generally.

Maurice was later replacing the missing grab handles on 4986. Here he is cleaning up the rusty bolts, the handles themselves have already been painted.

Inside the south toilet compartment on BCK 21092 Ainsley adds top coat "Executive Light Grey". The north end compartment remains to be done.

Although some chequer plate had been previously cut, Dennis found the original strip for the Cotswold side guards entrance and did a very neat job fitting it.

The door now nicely clears the floor, but still sticks on reopening. So back to the angle grinder to try and create so more space, and then back with the paint brush again. I often hear the comment "too much paint". In fact I am fanatical when it comes to paintwork prep and door ways, wanting door edges and internal frames sanded right back to almost bare wood and metal, and then minimal painting done on them.


Inside the corridor Richard Fairhurst cleans the windows prior to refitting the grab poles.

The BCK's internal sliding door was refitted but some extra work is required to enable it to be completely closed.


The little seat has been refitted inside the disabled compartment.

In the Barn Richard Hoy, with Maurice and myself, spent more time cleaning the paintwork on the body sides and north end of SK 25488. It was quite an improvement, especially the north end with a heavy coating of green mould.

John Hamer working on a DA valve - he will be making up two working valves from the parts of three. It is likely that this will replace the valve on one of two coaches where the braking system is not so good, SK 24949 and FO 3132 if I remember correctly.


The business end of the Winchcombe Station trolley, now free'd up and ready for attention by Derek.

Report by Dave Clark

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