Friday, 1 February 2019

Thursday - One month to go.

The last day of January - where has it gone?! Just over a  month left before we start the new season and still a lot to do yet. We had a good crowd in, making the most of the day before the snow appeared. With M5 warnings about severe weather in the southwest, it eventually hit where I live in south Gloucestershire late in the evening.

Starting off with the removed guards door from BCK 21092, Martin tidies up the sides before applying undercoat grey to the modified base.


Another job was undercoating the tidied up edge of the south end Cotswold side door on 21092. It certainly looks very much better than the uneven rocky surface that previously existed.

Rob Cory removes the draft strips from the Malvern side double doors to the disabled compartment. The doors now close again though not as well as they did after our original work. Requesting the addition of the strips was a bad move on my part and has inadvertently caused more work.


We need to reinforce the Cotswold side guards door threshold and to this extent Ken is adding a strip of chequer plate.

In the north end toilet compartment Robert Wells paints the walls with cream undercoat 

With Paul watching, Dave Hancox and Rob wrestle with the one of the saloon sliding doors in 21092. It was a struggle getting both doors working well, but in the end they succeeded.


In the Paintshop Jeff adds Underframe Black to the north end bogie on TSO 4986. Richard Hoy in the meantime finished off bits of lining out that had been left while the lino was being laid, and then went around doing bits of paint snagging where needed.

In BSK 34929 Pat is adding a coat of varnish as protection to the inner sections of the framing around the new windows.

At the north end of SK 25488 Ken is loosening the steam heating valve for maintenance

Paul vacuums throughout 25488. As a stand-in until TSO 4986 is ready, the coach will be fine for our race goers on Gold Cup Day.

Phil was making repairs to the coach's compartment lamps and checking them with his special test unit affixed to the side of his bench.

It was very cold in the Barn and having been there for quite some time, this is no doubt why I took this blurred photo too quickly. However I did manage to get done some more cosmetic paint repairs to the Cotswold side of 25488.


 Ken Austen making another corridor end U section.

Richard Bates and Ted Ellis from our Maintenance Team converting these two lamps to LED.

Shelves, shelves and even more shelves being given a coat of varnish by Jim. All were coated on the reverse side the day before. No guesses as to what these are for!

Report by Dave Clark


Toddingtonted said...

Thanks for another good update. I freely admit to being quite a fan of the early BR carmine & cream livery used on the 2 loaned NYMR coaches and also on the GWSR for a while, although I understand the need to concentrate on the 2 liveries used now by the GWSR.
Regarding the weather, here in the Vale of York we have escaped the snow relatively unscathed but I noted that one of the GWSR directors, Ian, made National BBC news when he got stuck near Andover yesterday! I hope he's home safe now!

St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful progress. So many coaches on the go at the same time. Wow.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You do get noticed as an 'AA' correspondent and article writer for the press! He has the contacts to make a point.

One of the problems we found with the Carmine is that it fades rather quickly and looks tired.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

At this time of year, during the closed season, carriages come in and out quite quickly for running gear and brake system checks and adjustments.