Friday, 25 January 2019

Wednesday - Take a seat

With chill winds and icy roads number attending were lower today. However, the work goes on.

Take a seat or at least a whole set of seat backs (32 in this case)  load then one trolley (4 loads) and lower away to the ground floor

for installation in 4986 in the paintshop. Why do a good job once if you can do it 32 times. The seat bases will have to wait for the floor to be sealed first.


 Just in time for tea. Gerry was elevated (not on the lifting trolley) to the upholstery table for tea having spent the day with the team shifting the seats around. Someone said it was Jenny in disguise but she could never do that accent! (every good wish for a speedy and successful recovery Jenny)

it was then onto the next set of seats this one for 21092.

Dave with the work in the sunshine and himself in the shade deconstructing another seat base.


Down in the woodwork shop Geoff was onto making shelves for the Broadway counters.

while Des was staining the cupboards.

The flooring for 21092 has moved onto cutting the sections for the corridor.

The door team are making some good progress with the panelling for 4986's doors. one sety out for varnishing and more nearly ready. Craig, not in shot, has almost completed the last 2 threshold bars. ready for the flooring to be laid in 4986.

Bryan was busy fitting the step boards around both 4986 and 21092 today.

Derek looking for space to work on the platform trolley's went multi story with the advantage of not having to bend over so much. He fitted the wheels to the top trolley today. Each wheel is cast and very heavy so we may need a crane to lift the top one off .

Filling in around the edges there was a lot of bit paiting to do. Can you just paint this bit etc etc.

In case you were thinking about back reading all the blogs this is the 1400th. Good luck.


St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 looks wonderful with the seat backs in. That moquette colour and pattern was a good choice and looks very 'early BR', even late GWR!
The platform trolleys look a treat.
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

according to my little calculator thats about 9 years worth!!!

Anonymous said...

Always a fascinating and interesting blog as indeed are the others from the GWSR, thank you,

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

With the high standard of work you all do there is it possible that the NYMR has sent these carriages to be brought up to a much higher standard than their usual? Although very good up there, I have said before, i have a friend who worked in the Wolverton Works, he has now been to GWSR 5 or 6 times and every time he comments on the very high standard of workmanship in the carriages. So coming from an ex BREL man high praise indeed! Marion always like to travel in the first class coaches as she says the individual seats are so comfortable! That always cost me a £5 note at the end of the day but it is worth it for the workmanship you do! so well done all, now chomping at the bit for the line to re-open, getting steam withdrawal syptoms!!!
Paul & Marion