Friday, 4 January 2019

Wednesday first steps in 2019

With the calendar ticking into a new year we head into the winter shut down with a long list of jobs to get completed before the new running season.
The first thing on my list was to get the door openings on 4986 completed. That meant 5 capping strips to be completed. We completed 3 with the remaining 2 only needing a very small bit of work required to complete. Door 6 complete.

Over to David for filling sanding and ready for painting

The floor repairs on 21092 also need completing> Rex did the honours here

Ken fitted the last down pipe on 21092. We still need to connect it to the rest of the pipe on top though!

With the interior panelling now progress the skirting boards got a coat of primer and undercoat.

The upholstery team were doing up two of the seats for 21092.

a second class back

and a first class base.

The BCK has an unusual step arrangement for the guard to access the carriage. Due to the position of the guards door the steps are mounted on the bogie. However, this leaves the steps off to one side of the doorway. All very well for young spritely guards. So in the interests of safety we are extending the step by around 15 inches to actual line up with the doorway. We are aware of why BR didn't do this but it doesn't really affect our operation of the carriage. To make the change we are also extending the support brackets. The first one here made by Ken. The extension is to the right of the original frame and this view would actually be from under the carriage.

A slight modification to the design of the Broadway counter saw Geoff working on the bottom trim.

In the woodwork shop Eddie and Colin were constructing the top display section
(this is the back)

In the barn with Neil's assistance 'Mary' FO 3132 was brought into the jacks and raised for a temporary bogie swap while the proper one is sent aware for the removal of some flats on one of the wheel sets. Thus the winter shut down starts. Don't blink or you may miss the action!.

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