Monday, 14 January 2019

Wednesday - Carriage what carriage

With the work on both 21092 and 4986 nearing completion you cound be forgiven for thinking we weren't working on them today.
There was work on getting a set of tables together with the edges sanded ready for varnishing these will go into 21092

The side panels were being put in place in 4986 by the upholstery team. This at last starts to make the carriage look  like it will be ready before to long.

The door team were working there way through the panelling for the 6 doors of 4986. They have reached around the half way mark.

While Craig was sorting one of the last 2 thresholds ready for floor laying.

There is a lot of sorting of wheel sets and bogies with some being sent away for wheel turning to remove some flats spots. A job that at present we can only do during the close season. Once we have the new coaches ready for service it may be possible to swap all year round which would ease the pressure at this time of year.

While we are doing them we also strip the sets and check the guides the axles and the axleboxes.

Along with the Springs and spring bearers.

More steady progress from Derek on the platform trollies.

Detail of the underside from wheel mount which he had made from scratch following the rasther rotten pattern of the original.

The coupling hanger got a coat of paint. Cream undercoat for the final top coat yellow

The later Mk1's started to use a lot of Formica and the early stuff doesn't always survive that well.  Tony cleaning up a section from one of the toilets to see if it is still usable. Cleaned up it has been stuck to a new backing board which should see it have many more years of service.

The Gangway U hoops also suffer with rust at the lower ends. Ken set about rebuilding one with some new channel.

We may have a new(ish) workshop but when you start making wall display cabinets The benches are not always big enough. Ed assembling the top unit.

I am not absolutely sure but I think this is still upside down. The centre section will be mirrored.

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Lovely blog, some super work being undertaken.