Friday, 18 January 2019

Tuesday - Trolley Man

We had a good number in for a Tuesday. Not photographed were Bob Mac and Dennis Stevens who were continuing the deep clean inside the Chocolate and Cream (Main) Rake.

Beginning in the Barn, the second of the GWR trolleys with the brake blocks now fitted.

Derek rounds off the outer parts of the frame that are touching the wheels. He will soon be known as the "Trolley Man". The FOWS have one of their platform trolleys that needs rebuilding - it waits outside the Works!

With SK 24949 from the main rake now on the jacks, John inspects the bogies.


With the heavy clamp in place John is able to adjust the dampers on the north end bogie.

In the Upholstery shop Vivien repairs one of the first class seat backs from BCK 21092.

Dave Hancox cleans up one of the tables from a first class compartment in 21092 - unfortunately the top has been marked. Its a question of what we have managed to salvage from other carriages being scrapped in the past. We have choose the best of what's available at times.


Richard Fairhurst filling around the newly welded bracket on one of the north end filler pipes on 21092.

Cheryl carried on with the varnishing in the corridor and vestibules in 21092.


Moving into the Paintshop where John Hughes is black glossing the undercoated step boards.

Somewhat frustrating to find a crack along the rivet line on the Malvern side of TSO 4986. Thankfully it was discovered while still in undercoat. Adrian has reamed out the main section, while a smaller one just behind him will also this treatment.

Our flooring contractor Bob Webb applies the base screed to the north vestibule in 4986. His son Pete was doing the south end vestibule and toilet compartments

Stu and Maurice painted the second top coat on the gutter and upper brown panels on both sides of 4986. Maurice and Richard Hoy then went on to adding second top coat to some of the window frames.

We are catching up with initial top coating, with Stu doing the south end lower panel on the Cotswold side.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Great work on the trolleys. With another waiting in the wings, is Derek about to go professional?
the two coaches are coming along well too, (shame about the crack found on 4986), it tends to dispirit one somewhat.
Regards, Paul.

PaulK said...

With regards to the condition of the tables perhaps there comes a time when the railway should invest in a set of new ones. There can not be a bottomless pit of salvaged parts.

May I suggest that you enquire with a company called Baker Bellfield who make interior parts for the rail industry and are based in Telford.

Contact: 01952 677411

Kind regards PaulK

Iver Driver said...

The Trolley rebuild(s) are a real work of art - Derek deserves an award for his fantastic, what appears to be single handed, restorations