Saturday, 12 January 2019

Tuesday - Many bits to sort out

Beginning today with Derek, more progress with the handle for the first GWR trolley.

Part of the link mechanism for the trolley handle, produced on our milling machine with the internal thread cut by our Loco Dept.

On to TSO 4986, with Maurice vacuuming the residue after removing the old threshold wood from the Malvern side centre door.

There are still many bodywork bits to sort out with this coach despite a lot the initial top coating now completed . Richard Hoy works on the Cotswold side centre doorway. The original bolts securing the capping strip were right in the place where the locking plate has to go. So a new blot location had to be drilled and the old one filled before the lock plate could be fitted. Then it was back to painting it.

Adrian is doing a similar job at the north end passenger doorway of BCK 21092, again on the Cotswold side.


Inside the south end Cheryl is busy with more internal varnishing. The corridor and vestibules will receive two coats and should end up like the wonderfully gleaming interior of SK 25451 when we did that a year or so ago.
Cheryl accordingly leaves another of her delightful little fun warning signs. We should set up a gallery in the Paintshop for these!


In the disabled compartment Bob staples on more of the rubber draught seal around the doorframes before replacing the edge beading.


At the south end John Hughes adds filler around the primed area where the bottom filler pipe bracket was welded on.

In the Paintshop Alan and John are sanding the wood edges of the table tops to be fitted inside 21092.

Doing something completely different, Keith primes the new coupling stand with red oxide. This will go into the Barn just inside the entrance on the Malvern side and will be welded in place.

In preparation for removing the wheelset on this bogie John Hamer unscrews the heavy nuts holding the keep plate at the base of the axle box.

The next step is to ease up the heavy dynamo. A crow bar is used to free the dynamo belt ready for the bogie to be wheeled out when the coach body is lifted on the jacks.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 and 21092 coming along nicely.
Not forgetting the GWR 4 wheel trolley.
Regards, Paul.