Friday, 25 January 2019

Tuesday - Catching up

We are now well into second top coating where we can on TSO 4986, with Adrian, Ainsley and Maurice initially working on the Cotswold side cream section. From here they progressed to the lower brown panelling.

Richard Hoy was doing likewise on the Malvern side.


We are still catching up with some parts of the coach, for example we still have some of the doors to do when they are refitted. Further along on the Malvern side Cheryl was giving the first top coat to the lower brown panel. So still some way to go before all the main painting is completed.

Two photos of Bob Slater working on the new Malvern side windows in BSK 34929. Towards the beginning of the day he started fitting the inner framing to the wood base sections using the special bolts.


Returning much later to catch up on progress, Bob points to the newest piece of frame fitted.

With NYMR SK 25488 now in the Barn for a week or so, we could begin sorting out some of the areas on the bodyside that needed some attention. Bob Mac had already sanded and primed the worst bits, so Adrian was able to fill and sand these. Further bits were given attention as required. We won't have time to do more than this before the start of the season and the Race Specials, but eventually 25488 will receive a full repaint. Both NYMR coaches will be attended to and looked after with as much care as our own stock.

After all the hassle Bob and Pete had with their lino delivery a week ago, they were at last able to make a start on relaying the flooring in BCK 21092.


The first piece it cut to fit in the disabled compartment. We still have the back of that door opposite to top coat, but once the lino is in then all the covers will be laid throughout to protect it.

Derek cleans up a new bracket for the second GWR trolley.

The bracket, through which a chain will run, will fit over the rodding behind the front axle (think I got that right!)


Derek begins priming the other edge of the first trolley.

Report by Dave Clark

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