Friday, 4 January 2019

Thursday - Many different things

The second day of our two month closed season was certainly busy, and an overfull Mess Room was ample indication of the number attending. With the job planned to begin on Monday 14th January, Bob Webb, our regular flooring contractor, visited to enable us to select the colour of the marmoleum and carpet, and take final measurements, for TSO 4986 and BCK 21092.

Closed season for C&W is always a rush to get as much done as possible, often involving work on the operational vehicles that cannot easily be done at other times of the year. Today it concerned two coaches from our main rake. With a temporary bogie fitted underneath FO 3132 "Mary", the coach was shunted out to be replaced by SK 24949 which also has a bogie with flats. Both bogies are due to be sent off to St Philips Marsh, Bristol for tyre turning.


Not so warm in the Barn with Winter now set in, but this didn't stop Derek from securing the metal corner sheets to the second GWR trolley.

In complete contrast Nick applies a "little warmth" to enable the creation of a pipe securing bracket.

On to TSO 4986 with Jeff tidying up and then later applying the base coat of light grey paint to the Cotswold side north end doorway and corner section.


Further along Bryan is securing the new step for the centre doorway.

At the south end Phil Jones completes the black glossing of the corridor connection door frame.


Still a little section of capping strip to fit to the doorway, but John Hughes tidies up the doorway, door edges and face before applying the light grey undercoat.

Having completed a morning clearing up the station Coffee Pot Cafe in his RCS role, Richard added a further coat of gloss black to the Malvern side north end of 4986.

Back to the Workshop where more good progress was made on BCK 21092. The base bracket for the second tank filler pipe was secured by Nick and then coated in oxide.

Both Bob Slater and Pat worked on replacing the internal frame sections for the replaced window in 21092.

Bob later working on the top section of panelling from above the window prior to reinstating it.

 At the south end of the corridor Bob Keyte lightly sands the panelling. All this will have two coats of varnish.

With all the panelling in the compartments of 21092 already lightly sanded, Bob Mac and Clive give the saloon its first coating of varnish.

The internal panel and door pull of the Cotswold side south end door were in a sorry state. The former was initially sanded by Malcolm, while a replacement door pull was obtained from the Woodwork Shop.

Dave Hancox cleans up the floor runners for 21092's compartment doors.

Ken Austin reconstructs the footboard brackets that will be reattached to the north end bogie of 21092.

Finally a collection of items on the paint trestles. Of immediate interest, in the foreground are the door panel and new door pull for 20192 that have been varnished by Malcolm. Jeff black glosses the new skirting boards for the rebuilt vestibules in TSO 4986. In the background are two new lengths of beading for the corridor in 21092 that have been stained ready for varnishing.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

I have to credit you all (once again) on the high quality finish that is (always) achieved by you on your beloved carriages. Well done to you all.
Regards, Paul.

David Arnold said...

That platform trolley is a marvelous restoration job. Many of your visitors like me, will recall hours spent in their youth sitting on these with their duffle bags and ABCs!