Monday, 21 January 2019

Saturday - Fixed at last

Since the installation of the roller shutters we have had a minor problem with the one on the jack road. However, today the installation engineer returned with a modified guide track that appears to have solved the issue which is great news because we can now do a shunt and close the door again fast. It doesn't so much keep the warmth in , what warmth I hear the cry, It does keep the weather out; particularly the damp wind.

With door shut and the carriage in the air it was out with the oiling gun and on the bogies for this carriage
After a series of checks and lots of measurements; plus the resulting adjustment to the ride heights, its was reassemble and adjust the brake rigging.


George started the day with some prep work on BSK 34929 on the barn through road before he switched to some painting later in the day.


In the BCK 21092 Richard was putting the small warning notices in place regarding open the windows and avoiding draughts.  No open them wide and have a good sniff of engine smoke!


In 4986 The last few seat bakes have been put in place by the upholstery team.


Ainsley have completed some war week-end painting on the tables completed the 'end join' where the end black meets up with the chocolate and cream of the sides.

Steve started the day cutting a set of skirting boards for the corridor in 21092. I painted them in primer and later George painted them black.

John was busy making some mount brackets store things in the guards area of the brake coaches.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All sterling work. (Not the GNR chap).
Regards, Paul.

Powli Wilson said...

These blogs are most interesting and informative. Much appreciated. Not sure this Septuagenarian will be able to make a comment that will "stick"!

Paul Wilson
(what does "HTML" mean!)