Monday, 10 December 2018

Wednesday and Thursday

A busy day with 27 in attendance. So a very crowded mess room.

We are starting to undertake all the smaller finishing jobs on 21092 despite still having a couiple of major ones to contend with.

Phil has now reconnected the electrical jumpers on the carriage ends.

while Ken has changed the north end gangway plate and has started the laborious job of connecting it up.

Richard came by to apply the transfers. This is definitely a sign of progress.

Eddie and Colin are starting to assemble components of the Broadway counter.

while Des has started on colouring and finishing the front face. This the first of 2 coats applied during the day.


Ainsley was also painting but nothing so grand as the counter this a notice board.

Steve Smith continued with the LED strip lights

These LED's are placed much closer than the previous set. These were obtained from  British supplier and the test one gives a better overall result.

Russ free from his RCS duties during the close season re-joins us as many do for the winter. Today he helped to swell the painting crew working on 4986.

Tony was busy cleaning up the window frames from 4867.

while Derek was busy on the second platform trolley.

The critical path for 4986 is the doors and specifically the panelling. Paul busy making progress.

John was close to completing the overhaul of this axle box today. The end play is now back within tolerance

The blocks got a second coat of yellow

while it was fasten the straps and lift off as a pair of seats back ascended to the upholstery shop.


Having asked some questions on Tuesday as to what was happening about the missing window in 21092. we got alan busy preparing the wood trim used to hold the glass secure.

while the little brushes were deployed for the lining out.

One of the more major jobs remaining on 21092 is the floor! Rex busy in the south end vestibule.

and no this isn't a service hatch to get at the vacuum cylinder. the were a new section of floor is going in to replace some 'soft' sections in one of the toilets.

As this will be the first time this carriage has been in service with us we have to assemble a full set of Guard's components. We have a complete check list to ensure we pull all the parts together. So while we sorting out the required emergency coupling some others are getting done up as well.

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