Thursday, 20 December 2018

Wednesday - 2 teas and a sticky bun please

There was considerable work on the Broadway counter again today with Geoff and Eddie assembling some of the components.

They were really getting stuck into the job (and he made out again on his own).

However, order for 2 teas and a stick bun was not met.

So I joined everyone else in an overflowing mess room for morning tea.


The preventative work on 4867 was completed during the day with the end plate being re-instated. The carriage can now go out to await its turn in the restoration queue.

The upholstery team are finalising the seat repairs for 21092.

One more large seat base to be completed. Its not absolutely essential but highly desirable.

where as this repair to the Malvern side entrance for the disabled area we did deemed essential. The floor was a patchwork of loose blocks that didn't lend themselves to securing in place. So rex removed them and the corrugated sheet under them,

A new section of steel plate was cut


and soon welded in place and painted in a coat of protective oxide. a new floor will follow tomorrow.

Russ spent the day painting the underframe. Sitting is about the only way to do this job.

the doors are the major job remaining on 4986 and the door team are in full swing with the panelling now. 3 doors on the benches

and the panelling for a 4th being varnished.

Steve is busy increasing our stock of LED strip lights.

We just have one door to finish the entrance on for the carriage after Nick welded in a new top rail and we fitted a new section of wood to it. With the door not available on the bench we will have to see how good the fit is when the door returns. There was a lot of measurement being taken to try and make sure it will all fit when it comes back together.

David did some sterling work filling around the other capping strips that we completed recently,

Derek was working on the main pivot and wheel mount arrangement for the 2nd platform trolley.


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St Blazey 1925 said...

All your work is to the usually high standard I see.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at C&W.
Seasonal regards, Paul.