Sunday, 9 December 2018

Tuesday - Lots of yellow

Wow! It's December already and still so much to do to get our two main coaches ready for next season. A quiet start to the day, but the numbers soon built up thankfully.

Firstly it's back to the two wheelsets currently in the Barn, and this time a troublesome axle box in that it just would not come off despite all of John and Russ's efforts. Very annoying to say the least, so postponing any more effort on it until the next day, John went off to Toddington to fix a steam leak on the Chocolate and Cream Rake.

The build of the second GWR trolley gathers pace with more of the cedar planking cut ready.

The scotches were top-coated in yellow by Maurice. Just need more of the thin rope to get them threaded ready for hanging in the Barn entrance.


All the remaining effort was on BCK 21092. There's always that little bit that's missed the filler and Alan takes care of it, though with the door painting being done by Stu, sanding down was left for another day.

And here is Stu correcting the guards door that had the lower line accidentally misplaced. A fresh top coat of brown soon had this looking good again, though the lining out will have to wait a few days.


Richard Fairhurst was back on the north end corridor connection, replacing the door frame beading that had split.

At the opposite end John Hughes top coated the sliding door and gave the whole of the inner face of the connection a second top coat of gloss black, with matt black on the rubber bellows.

The repainted window grab rails in the disabled area were replaced by Maurice, but there is one missing.

More painting also in the guards compartment.

Including the guards door droplight bar.

As for the rest of us, it was yellow lining out time. Keith and Richard Hoy begin with the Cotswold side top line.


Having taped up the Malvern side top line, Stu begins with the yellow gloss. We apply an initial coat, quickly followed by a second to give depth, and then get the tape off as the main paint is still too fresh to leave it on for any length of time.

All done? Right bottom line now to mark and tape up. It was eventually a late finish to the day, but almost all the yellow lining out on 21092 was completed leaving just a small area (guards and adjacent passenger doors) on the Cotswold side to do, plus the repainted Malvern side guards door.

Report by Dave Clark

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