Friday, 14 December 2018

Thursday - Turning up the heat

With over 20 in we certainly had some variety in the work being done to say the least. It was a bitterly cold day but at least it was dry and we could get on with outside work as well as the many jobs being done in the Works.

Cheryl added some festive spirit to the Paintshop as she went round the BCK tidying up little bits of the paintwork.

 The north end corridor door was given yet another coat, hence her festive wet paint notice!

Richard J. applied more transfers around the coach, including the GWR roundel on both sides.

Another useful job being done by Jeff was cleaning up some of the windows.

Doing a great job refitting the window pane on the Cotswold side was Alan. It's good to see this back in, with this side of the coach now looking complete again.

In the guards compartment Richard Bates was setting up a charging facility for the lamps.


More electrics being done by Phil. We need to get the charging points and fuse box repainted in red.


Bob Keyte varnished all the BCK's internal compartment and toilet doors

Into TSO 4986 with Paul doing yet more cleaning (poking the camera round the edge of the protective sheet in the compartment entrance, he wasn't even aware that I had taken the photo!).

Nick's first job of the day was welding in a new header rail for Doorway 6 (I can never get used to these numbers - this translates into "Cotswold side north end").

Another painting correction. The vertical demarking tape at the south end Malvern side of the 4986 had not been placed far enough round the end. Richard Hoy removes the tape before repositioning it and, after a light sand to remove the paint ridge, extended the chocolate and cream top coat accordingly.


After making up some more vacuum brake hoses, Ian fitted one to the north end of 4986. These are very difficult to bend when new.

Tony and Pat were once again in BSK 34929 fitting more of the internal framing in the new seating area.

Tony prepares the glass for fitting. I think this is the first pane to go in the new seating area of 34929.

In the Barn John Varley measures up for another replacement section of sheet metal for TSO 4867

The completed job.

With one of the axles now fitted to the wood, Derek contemplates the next stage with the second GWR trolley.


As for a new top band of metal for the trolley, with a specially set up "tool" clamped tightly in the vice and careful help from John and Rex, Nick was able to produce the 90 degree bends required.

With four of these made, and welded to the end and side sections, a complete top band will soon be produced.


We have a relocation shunt to do on Saturday to swap the two coaches in the Paintshop and Workshop, and at the same time change the bogies and reattach the brake rigging on 4986. Unfortunately with very wet weather predicted, and with all the old roof planking removed, we have had to tie tarpaulins over the LNWR van.

Finally some outside jobs, with initially Jeff reattaching one of the internal window bars in the Discovery Coach. Some filler and patching with the Executive Light Grey top coat soon had the repair area looking good.


John Hamer continued with a number of the faults identified in the Maroon Rake, while I completed the lining out on the repaired and repainted corner on BSK 35308. FK 13326 at the north end of the rake also received some attention with a refilled and repainted patch. When it comes to our regularly running rakes, it's a case of do whatever you can when you can.


Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again, as I feel that it deserves saying. That is, of course, that the excellent finish on your rolling stock would do Swindon proud! And it does so EVERY time! The reflected images in the paintwork are only outshone by a mirror.
Roll on the covered location (carriage shed) eh?
Not to be outdone. The GWR 4 wheel trolleys are really excellent. I have had a hand in repairing some (and they are the devil's own work to set up properly), but to make not one, but two almost from scratch is nothing short of miraculous!
Regards, Paul.

Bryan said...

In the post I found this caption on a photo, "After making up some more vacuum brake hoses, Ian fitted one to the north end of 4986. These are very difficult to bend when new.
My query is Do they get easier to bend?
Or do you need to do something to them to soften them up? said...

Brilliant work everybody

Dave Clark said...

Hello Bryan.

Nothing is done to the vacuum and steam heating hoses to soften them up. They simply become easier to bend from usage. The real "fun" comes when there are new vacuum hoses on both the loco tender and leading coach!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Hi Paul,

The carriage shed is in the list of things to be done at Winchcombe but is part of a much larger reorganisation of the site alone with the acquisition of an adjacent property that will house the railways admin etc. Plans are being draw up.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

addendum to Dave's reply: we try to avoid the 2 new hose situation by trying to ensure the normal end carriages never have brand new hoses. The new hose will go a carriage in the middle of the train and the 'run in' hose will go on the end.

Bryan said...

Thanks for the reply.
We bought some new hoses last year and they are so stiff, we have great difficulty in coupling up our wagons with them.