Monday, 31 December 2018

Saturday - Turkey anyone

I hope you had a happy one.
With Christmas fast approaching there were a lot of people avoiding the shopping trips with the mess room overflowing again today
John Hill was making the most of a last chance to practice carving the turkey, sorry, seat base foam.

With the edge neatly done it was over to Jenny and the big needle to sew the pad into its final position

Penny worked on recovering side panels

while Dave was making up the arm rest profile in foam. so gluing and sticking!

Having just completed the rolling replacement of seats in 4798 the left over seats were wrapped ready for storage until needed again. I bet Kevin's parcels are well wrapped in the tree!


Alex was busy painting  doorways as they became available following door liner work.

I moved on to  deal with another one.

Steve was progressing the trimming in the north end vestibule

The foot boards were given their first coat of black

and Andy painted up one of the retorted lamps.


James started on fabricating the pipe run for the missing water tank fillers on the Malvern side of 21092.

while Ken was busy fitting the rain cover over the gangway connection.

Richard Stone was starting the restoration of the roof timber from the LNER van.

Now if you want to do a steam test its best you have a hood source of steam available in case of any major leaks. Yep P&O should do! We took the opportunity while it was running round the Santa Special and yes as can be seen there was a large leak.

Dave got to do his usual rubbish jobs.

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