Monday, 17 December 2018

Saturday - shunt

it was really the wrong day to do a shunt with the weather far from friendly. The wind let alone the rain was positively biting. However, with the winter work schedule looming the shunt had to be done.

The first move was to get 4986 from the workshop to the jack road.
then put the LNWR van and 34929 back on the works out of the rain, neither is actually weather proof at the moment.

Swap the bogies under 4986 for its own which had been removed for overhaul some while ago. This is where the first problem of the day arose. It was found the central bolster the the body sits on was central in the bogie frame. It was only an inch out but it meant the pivot mounting wouldn't slot together.

Moving the bolster casting is not easy as without the body on the secondary spring pust the boster hard against the frame. Thankfully as we have run into this issue in the past we have a tried and tested method for sorting it so we didn't lose to much time.

With the carriage back on its own bogies the shunt continued with everything else moved out including 21092 from the paintshop.

 4986 was put into the paintshop. Here on its way in.

It was followed by the LNWR van so that we won't need to remove that when 21092 finally leaves the works.
Next in was 21092.
then 34929
then the horse box was brought into the end off the barn. Another advantage of the shutters, the van can now dry out there protected from the weather. It is a bit of a tight fit but for drying out its ok.

Finally 4867 was put back where it started from on the jack road for the rest of the south end metal work to be completed making the carriage weather proof as far as possible be fore it return to the siding to await it turn in the restoration queue.

While that was all going and as is usual with any shunt the opportunity was taken to move other things around without the carriages etc. in the way.

Dave cleared the waste metal bin to the metal skip; there was a mass sweep and hover up and the two gibbet hoists were moved back to the barn.

Of course this was largely went un-noticed by the upholstery team.

Having grabbed to opportunity the assess the final requirements for seating repairs in 21092 they set about recovering 2 seat bases.

and some side panels as they have time.

Another step forward for the barn is the space for a coupling rake. John Osborn set about construction with the end verticals being welded into position.

then the lower rail and feet.

 It makes a great leaning rail at least until the hooks for the couplings go on next week then it will be positioned and braced to the wall in the barn.

Andy Thompson was keeping out of the way overhauling some lights for the BCK guards kit.

while Andy Turner was working with John Squires on various sections of pipework. This did get disrupted by the shunt as we couldn't get anyone on the roof of 21092 to measure up exactly what pipe work is still required.

As part of the barn modifications the water tap at the outer end has been moved. This required digging out a channel in the floor which having moved the pipework C&M kindly came and filled in the hole for us. Well it was a job with some cover from the rain and most of the wind.

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