Monday, 31 December 2018

Saturday - Back to it

Back to C&W after the Christmas break and 2 new pairs of overalls have appeared so far. Just remember how smart they looked it won't last long!

With progress on 21092 reaching the floor laying stage it was time to remove the rest of the old flooring and clean up ready for Bob Webb to visit.

Having removed the old carpet we did decide to remove another section floor and replace it. It was only the outer couple of inches that were in poor condition but its better to replace a larger section to ensure good support under the join.

Kevin was helping with the tidy up and checking luggage rack mounts.

Ken replaced the 2 know cracked quarter lights in one of the first class compartments.

John Osborn welded the pipe brackets in place on 4986 these were later tidied up and painted by Dave.


I completed the refitting of the capping strip on door 6 of 4986 which then allowed Alex to fill and  sand it. He then painted the entire lower brown panel on this section of the carriage.

Richard Stone and Paul worked on more of the roof arch timbers from the LNER van.

John Osborn returned to making the hooks for the coupling storage rack.

while Ainsley was starting of preparations for next years war week end.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Replenished after the Christmas festivities, it's nice to see you back at C&W. Just a Happy New Year to wish you all now.
Regards, Paul.