Saturday, 17 November 2018

Wednesday - A tip off

Having been told the 'new' carriage had arrived at Toddington today as part of another long shunt it was delivered to Winchcombe. This shunt was all about positioning carriages for the Santa season. taking the DMU to Toddington and bringing 24949 to Winchcombe for its seat swap  and returning it afterwards.

Well done to Neil Carr and John Hamer for getting through that lot.

The new carriage TSO 4867 is in better condition that it looks here. All the components are there including the missing window frames. We will do some initial assessments and make it water tight in the first instant while we work out a place in the rebuild queue for it.

Well advanced but with a few issues to sort out is BCK 21092. Nick soon had the internal framework rebuilt while Rex prepared a new section of skin. That was soon also welded in place. The next job is to refit the frame.

Another of the issues is the state of 3 threshold strips Eddie mad us 2 new ones and the first was soon fitted in place. The floor will be back in next.

More signs of progress were observed on 4986 with Dave having sanctioned the window frames for undercoat painting. David and later Rod made a start.

Ken is soldiering on with the gangway connections with 3 rows of screws or nuts and bolts each 46 long it takes perseverance. Well done Ken.

Derek is making some good progress with the platform trolley these being the steel corner protectors.

Eddie and the wood work team are progressing work on the Broadway counter. Here the front panel is taking shape.

 The electrician is making steady progress with 6 new lights to tit as well the wiring for the roller shutters its not a quick job. Especially when he has to thread the cables through the roof girders 25 feet up!.


Rob Owst said...

Quick question, will the new coach keep the B4 bogies or is it planned to swap it on to some BR1's? I can't recall ever seeing any of the other GWSR coaches running on b4's? Love the blog keep the updates coming!

Crossleydd42 said...

The Broadway counter looks superb. Your skills are amazing!