Thursday, 8 November 2018

Tuesday - Putting to bed

Another 14-strong attendance with the majority working on the BCK again.

It was also the start of putting DMU 51405 "to bed" ready for its move back outside until we can resume the refurbishment in the Spring. John and Dennis reinstated as many of the luggage racks as possible, and placing those that couldn't be refitted in their correct locations within the unit.

All the dust sheets were removed, the loose seats and other parts put back on board, tools and other bits removed, and the compartments generally tidied up. Just need to sort out that corridor door which doesn't close properly before the unit is put out.


Recruitment Director Philip Young greets newcomer Richard Fairhurst. Richard is already a working volunteer in the Loco Dept. On the Keighley and Worth Valley. He was also a surgeon in his career.



With the roof painting completed on the Cotswold side, Cheryl kicks off the top coating, initially the gutter section and then the first window.

Further along Richard Hoy and Stu, having also done the gutter section, are also into the windows.
Earlier on Richard was undercoating one of the remaining door frames that had required extra attention.



With Maurice having completed the roof painting (second top coating the remaining bit on the Malvern side), Bob Mac had no further roofing work so ended up black glossing the south end. There will be a bun fight over whitening the characters on that tare plate!


After the excellent job done by Ainsley to free up the sticking double doors on the Malvern side, Richard Fairhurst carefully sands out the angle grinding marks. By the end of the day both door edges were very smooth.
Keith and Ainsley continued top coating inside the disabled compartment, guards corridor and guards compartment.
Another compartment ceiling goes into top coat as Maurice takes a break from roof painting. 

Dave cleans up the battered varnish at the base of the north vestibule wall. This will be stained and then re-varnished.
Vivien repairs the little tip-up seat from the guards compartment.
Report by Dave Clark


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David P said...

One correction from a Yorkshireman. Correct spelling for 'Keithley' is Keighley, despite the first part being pronounced as the male name. On the radio it is often pronounced as though it was spelt Keeley.