Saturday, 17 November 2018

Tuesday - Steps now forward

Plenty of good progress today with a good attendance, the latter aspect now becoming regular for a Tuesday.

Cheryl was first off again applying the first top coat to the lower panel on the Cotswold side of the BCK. This could only be done to the left of the troublesome window.

Job completed with her special "Wet Paint" notices in place.

Maurice completed the initial cream top coating on the Malvern side, but only from the guards door area to the south end of the coach.

John and Keith were having a field day in the disabled compartment and guards corridor, applying a second top coat to the walls.

Richard spent some time sorting out the door thresholds. At least two of the passenger doorways will need new wood threshold blocks.

Ainsley refitted the door guide to the guards door frame.

After that it was more general tidying and filling of the frame as required, before finally giving it all a base undercoat of light grey.

At the north end Alan was able to sand out the many old transfers that had been buried under layers of paint, giving a nice fresh surface to repaint and add the new transfers when ready. The roughness of the tank filler pipe was also smoothed down.

And now for that window frame that needed to be removed. Bob and Dave clean off the paint and remove the rivets.

The top rivets proved to be awkward to say the least, but Dennis was also now helping and thankfully the frame could be eased away at the bottom sufficiently to be able the sheet metal underneath to be cut away. This will enable Nick to weld in a new piece on Wednesday.


In the Upholstery shop Vivien was repairing the small tip-up seat from the guards compartment.

The finished job looking very nice in matching moquette. The guards swivel chair has already been recovered and is waiting to be put back when all the internal painting has been done.

In the Workshop Derek cleans up the top metal frame from the GWR trolley.


Dennis, having cleaned up and pained red oxide on the new step for the Fruit C van in the station, applies black gloss. This will now be ready to install.


Report by Dave Clark

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