Thursday, 22 November 2018

Tuesday - Change of mind

The usual faces were in and as usual this resulted in some great progress. It was a busy day with deliveries and visits as well.

Up to now I have been reluctant to proceed any further with painting TSO 4986 as there are still a number of doorway capping strips and wood liners missing, and doors still to be reinstated. However we must make progress with this coach, so having recently started window undercoating, the decision was to begin full undercoating as far as possible. Stu and Maurice use Rod Wells' lining out measure to mark the line positions on the Cotswold side.

With the top and bottom tapes in position Maurice undercoats the gutter and top panelling, while Stu continues with the window undercoating.

On the Malvern side, as it is meant to do, the base coating of undercoat grey showed up many uneven areas along the rivet line that needed more filler to improve them. Keith, and later Alan, sorted a lot of this out and considerably improved the overall appearance

Now into the Paintshop where at the start of the day Richard Hoy completes the filling around the repaired window area on BCK 21092.

At the north end Pat Cleary (nice to see him back with us) sands down the Malvern side of the corridor connection.

Ainsley completes the initial top coating around the guards door area on the Malvern side.

Cheryl was on the Malvern side doing what she loves most - top coating with the lovely rich GWR Brown.

John Hughes was catching up with the remaining bits on the Cotswold side that needed top coating - door and frame edges with cream and brown, and some remaining bits inside needing the Executive Light Grey.

Much later in the day with Pat now top coating the north end of the BCK. Not all of the corridor connection was done as we need to replace the heavy connection rubber at this end.

Fully re-undercoated and awaiting top coat, the repaired window area.


Still some more painting with the Exec Light Grey needed on the Malvern side double doors.


Moving to the Barn to find Derek fitting the metal cladding around the edge of the GWR trolley. Already looking very good, this will be a very nice item to display on one of our stations. There was a very cold east wind outside, yet with the shutters now in place and the much better lighting fitted earlier this year, the Barn is a much improved place to work in.

Parts of the GWR trolley underframe now black glossed. Next to these is the metal cylinder milled by John Squires on Saturday. This is part of the handle swivel mechanism. The heavy pin will fit inside the cylinder, but some more milling will be required first.

Moving back to the Workshop and TSO 4986, both Maurice and Stu had to leave early so Keith (not pictured) and later on Richard Hoy took over with undercoating the Cotswold side centre panelling.

Ainsley moved round to the Malvern side and undercoated some more windows.

I even managed to get some painting done myself and undercoated the bottom panels on the south end of the Cotswold side. Need to get that green doorway liner sanded down!

Report by Dave Clark


Graham said...

With the plan to have three sets of 8 coaches, the third of which will have a BCK and BSK, is the plan then to split these into four sets of 6 coaches for galas and events?

Dave Clark said...

Hello Graham. The Steam and Diesel Depts would very much like to do this instead of hauling round a "dead" DMU. However it is very likely that we are going to need our full length rakes with the numbers attending, so reducing to 7 in a gala might be an option, but probably not 6. We will have to see how it all pans out in 2019.

We've some way to go yet before we achieve a full 4th Rake - from C&W's point of view we see the extra coaches as a means to enable refurbishment rotation, something we currently cannot do until the BCK and TSO are completed, although initially they will be used to build up the 3rd Rake. It will be well into 2019 before the BSK is finished, but having two brake coaches with passenger seating will be a huge bonus. BG 81039 has done a brillant job for a number of years and will always be useful as an emergency fill-in.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Great progress. You all have eared your Turkeys at Christmas time!
It's always nice to see coaches outshopped in choc. and cream.
Regards, Paul.

Graham said...

Hello Dave, thanks for the detailed response much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Graham