Saturday, 17 November 2018

Thursday into Friday

The main job of the day was for the maintenance team working a Thursday to make the most of diesel shunter driving by Phil. The task was to do the buckeye exam on the maroon rake. That requires each carriage to be separated hence the need for \phil's assistance!.

Hear Ian Stroud and Bob Slater check a coupler. They were under close inspection by John Appleton, the head of the maintenance group, as he 'tested' them for their competence assessment. They both passed well done.

The S&T trolley out in the sunshine awaiting some axle greasing.


The platform trolley now the right way up the handle was attached later in the day.


A start was made on clearing out the unwanted stuff from 4867; the old panelling etc that we will replace.


Some of it was the end wall in the toilets


The interior from the south end with lots of bits, like the window frames stacked up and many of the seats out of position.

a view from the north end, where the seats are largely still in place, looks somewhat better.


Peter Holt from the maintenance team working on a set of window scissors.


Inside 4986 the interior team have started to refit the seat ends. The seats will wait until very close to completion otherwise they will only get dusty all over again.

Ainsley and Richard top coating the cream area at the north end of the Malvern side of the BCK, an area which has had so much extra work before being able to paint.


Alan applying mastic to one of the internal window frames in the corridor of the BCK.

Another BCK ceiling being top coated by Bob.

Rob applying filler under the reattached window frame on the BCK.

Phil Jones undercoating more windows on the Malvern side of TSO 4986.

On Friday while the electrician was busy with the cables and switches for the roller shutters I did some more work on the 21092 window. A bit of sanding and filling etc.

delivered the special step for the Santa team. Why special? Because its designed to be level while standing on the slope of the platform end. It is also equipped with straps to fix it to the wagon so it can slide anywhere!.
I also got to watch the race train pass on its non stop journey to collect the race goers for their return trip from Cheltenham. It would be a nice trip back for them in the dark.
That's one heck of a Poppy! 


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