Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Thursday - A good start

Another month begins, and with 23 staff attending we made a good start for the first of our three closed months (bar the three days of Race Specials and the charity Santa train that run during November).

No sooner had we got started when another Wood Department delivery appeared - this time the laminate needed for DMU 51405. All the plywood stacked behind the laminate had arrived earlier in the week. The level of work now done in C&W is often reflected by the much increased number of deliveries.

Paul heads back to the 3rd Rake for another cleaning session. With the levels of cleaning and maintenance now required with our busier running, this rake will need more attention from our Works staff, including a new Maintenance team being set up to assist our regular Maintenance group.

Also in the 3rd Rake in RMB 1808 were Pat and Tony sorting out one of the slider frames.

Paul mentioned that the excellent seat refurbishment for SO 4798 had been completed ( I though there was still one bay to do?) by our Upholstery Team, so I went along the rake to see for myself, and what a difference! With the 3rd Rake requested for use on Gold Cup Day next March, we need to make it as smart as possible.

No surprise that once again the largest contingent were concentrating on BCK 21092 with Bob Keyte top coating the disabled compartment ceiling. Meanwhile (not photographed) Dave Hancox was busy undercoating the passenger compartment ceilings.

Martin greyed up the Cotswold side guard's door and frame.


Following the excellent job by Bryan on Wednesday of freeing up the nearby double doors, Jeff re-tapes them prior to undercoating the door edges and frame.

On the opposite side Richard Hoy is working on another door edge.

Bob Mac top coating the Malvern side of the roof.

Following on from the double doors the day before, Bryan continues the work on the Malvern side guards door, realigning the capping strip.

With the discovery that the main cross-spar on one of the Cotswold side windows was well rusted through. Gerry cuts out more of the corroded metal. The replacement will be very carefully welded in to eliminate the need to remove the window.

Bob later undercoating the ceiling in the little saloon section of the coach. He's actually standing on a small trestle, not the seat!

Malcom came in to paint the side of the roof but with both Bob Mac and Phil Jones already busy with this, he reverted to cleaning and blacking the sole bar, end steps and buffers.

 In the disabled compartment Roger and Alan prepare the window pane for the nearby toilet compartment.

With the pane back in and internal wood sections in place, Roger finishes off.


The outer framing for the window, re-varnished and ready to go back in.


A final shot of the north end of CK 7221, all sealed up ready to go back out, with just the doors to remount. 7221 will be brought back in next year.

Report by Dave Clark


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