Saturday, 20 October 2018

Wednesday - Fixing things

Your never absolutely certain what you will find to do on arrival at the works. Today we had the early surprise of the arrival o a couple of original GWR chairs in remarkably good original condition. save or the need to repair the webbing o the seats. Thanks to the kind donors who thought of us we are just wondering where to station them.

Currently they are with the upholstery team who may just hang on to them for a while!

Another seat base repair or 21092 the main moquette is fine but some of the backing hessian needed a bit of repair work.

Geoff was busy making and fixing the lower section o the door liner on the guards doors of 21092.

All done and ready or Gerry to put the capping strip back which was completed later in the day.

Colin is working on a set of finger pulls or 4986

while Mike was getting the first of the doors ready to receive one.

Ken was making another doorway pillar repair on the Malvern side of the BSK.

while Nick and Rex prepared and positioned the 3rd crash pillar base section. That was welded in position along with the final piece on the this the north end of CK 7221.

Derek made more progress on the platform trolley today painting the centre section o the wheels

beore an initial setting out o the main deck planking.


Quietly beavering away was David Ayres with the grey base coat on the Malvern side o 21092. this is now ready or taping up and undercoating.

Having found a problem with the window action of door 5 on 4986 we took it back off to sort out the guides and end stops for the window.

I am not sure you can see it in this picture but seemingly if BR re hung a door they didn't bother with clearing the old bolts away. One presumes the old bolts didn't undo and got cut off.

New holes were drilled and tapped through the old ones. So here in the picture there are 2 bolt ends coming out of each nut.

They may have been secure but the plate the nuts were attached to was not and fortunately for us it cam of very easily making it much easier for us to position secure, drill and tap new bolt holes to remount the door hinge.


Anonymous said...

Could the chairs perhaps be used as a pattern to make some more for the refreshment room at Broadway? Be nice to have something GWR to match the counter I understand Eddie has designed.


TrainFan said...

That sounds like a great idea Alex, perhaps the chap making the goods trolley might be available. Failing that, what about asking the local college joiner students?