Monday, 29 October 2018

Wednesday - End game

Looking at the pictures or Wednesday we certainly had a focus on the end of things.

During the day we moved 4986 less than one metre but that was enough to get a scaffold tower between it and the DMU. With the tower in position Ken started on reconstructing the gangway.

Internally there was more work on the panelling. A light sand and another coat of varnish.

 John Varley was  preparing and rebuilding a J Section for the gangway on 7221. We have a supply o new channelling so we can simple remove the old rusty section and weld a new length on. A somewhat simple job than trying to do repairs to all the odd holes.


This hinge on the Malvern side of 4986 was refitted. The door had to be put back in place first to ensure we got the positioning right. The door was then back off and into the woodwork shop for the re panelling of the door to start.,

 The capping strip is being put back on several door openings at the moment the woodwork team having completed the replacement of the door liners (posts). These have to be very precise or the door won't fit in the hole!
On the seating front Dave Ward was repairing a couple of chair frames for the main rakes RBr. They had got rather wobbly. A couple of spares have been put into service in the mean time.
The upholstery team were sort seats again today as they are in the process of completing the rolling replacement of seat on a carriage in the third rake. One section of the carriage was done earlier in the year. Now the third rake is out of service for a while and based back at Winchcombe the chance has arisen to complete the job.

 In our currently crowded situation in the works the dust has to be swept from the roof before Malcolm can set about the first top coat on the Cotswold side
Out in the barn with the protection o the roller shutters Ken Austin was able to make more progress on the northern end of CK7221. The first job was to cut a new section o sheet steel to size. Then weld it into position.
The right hand corner done and painted with red-oxide and the let hand corner well on the way.

Also taking advantage of our new space Derek was busy positioning the planks for the deck of the S&T trailer.


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