Friday, 19 October 2018

Tuesday - Quick repair

A surprisingly busy day considering there were just the 10 of us in.

An early call on the internal phone from Toddington sometimes means a problem. Paul Cronin, the guard on the Choc&Cream rake, reported a broken handle on the train's rear lamp bracket. When the train arrived at Winchcombe a quick swap with one of the 3rd Rake's lamps enabled service to continue as normal. Meanwhile Dennis Stevens resolved the problem using a long bolt bored through the bracket arms and top section of the lamp - the lamp being battery, not paraffin, powered has it's advantages in many ways!

No time for a proper repaint - just some protection on the new fitting, but with the lamp back where it should be.

Derek is doing a very good job with the GW platform trolley, here cutting out the patterns in the main planking (some of the recently reclaimed wood).

Loosely placing the cut planks within the trolley frame. The large borehole on the second plank is for the pivot pin.

The wheels, painted in black Hammerite, now mounted on the axles. The pivot pin is in front.

Work resumes in the DMU with Rod and John Hughes reinstating more of the aluminium beading, a fiddly job with many of the old holes having to be rawl plugged because of the lack of grip for the screws in the ageing hardboard ceiling. Rod is standing on one of the small platforms, not the seat!

There was quite a bit of work on the BCK with various bits of filling and sanding done on a number of door frames. On the Malvern side Richard was giving windows a fresh coat of undercoat "Light Grey".

Maurice completed all the cleaning up of the south end (bar the section above the corridor connection which needs a tower) before giving it all a coat of undercoat "Dark Grey".

Inside the corridor Dave was working on the new floor panels improving the level where possible.

Report by Dave Clark

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