Monday, 29 October 2018

Thursday - Richard day

I was back in on Thursday this was as we had a management meeting in the evening so while I was going in I might as well spend the day there.

The group of volunteers arriving each day have a slightly different mix of skills so the jobs undertaken vary considerably. We often have many Dave's or John's in attendance but today it was a trio of Richards's that featured.

 There were more painters around so 21092 was getting  the undercoat cream on the Malvern side

and the interior of the disabled area was being sanded and prepped or painting.

The flooring in the toilets was removed and the floor assessed for repairs. The far side will need some attention. So there will be a new section of floor board here.

Underneath Richard Johnson and Phil connected up the vacuum cylinder on the Malvern side.


Richard Budd was wiring up a set on LED lights and testing them for use in a taillight. Its so much less messy and much more reliable than using the original system.


Richard Bates was doing the wiring of the switch in the lamp unit itself.

Working on the internals trim on 4986 Pat was down to the last ew sections.


In the barn Ian and I did some more painting on the S&T trailer.

While Ken continued the welding on the north end skin of CK7221 Nick was preparing the new base plate for the south end, This won't be fitted until the new year now as the carriage has to go back out side for the rotation of the winter work on the main rakes to take place.

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