Friday, 19 October 2018

Saturday - progress

Finally we are starting to have some really visible progress not to say that all our progress isn't important. Its just that some shown and some gets hidden away.
Some of the hidden away things includes the vacuum cylinders, serviced and overhauled previously,  this one gets installed under 21092.

The first p John Osborn's vacuum cylinder extension tubes ready or testing.

The corridor floor in 21092 has been largely replaced after we had to remove much of it to facilitate top hat floor support repair and replacement work. The issue now is to get it level for the lino to be replaced.

No great challenge or Alex today, just paint the Cotswold side in undercoat please. He did.

The upholstery team are working on odd seats at the moment rather than a complete set. Some of 21092's seats are serviceable and some are getting a some light repairs rather than a full recover.

John on the sewing machine. Who needs a light with the sun streaming in the window.

Another floor, this one at the north end of 4986 was installed by Steve today. It will make some the door liner work rather easier.

Working on gthe BSK George gets a lot o the early prep work done so that when the carriage moves through the workshop its well on the way.

John Squires busy on the milling machine making a new component or the platform trollies being rebuilt by Derek.

One of the laborious job that often gets left. However, we try and make everything look good so the even the luggage racks get a polish with wire wool. Kevin having a break from sorting the stores out which is something he has made a great job of.

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Nelson Street said...

Great progress, in the penultimate photo John is working on a lathe not a milling machine.

Best wishes