Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Saturday - Contrast

From a big number in on Thursday to a skeleton crew on Saturday. They must have all heard Dave is on holiday!

John Squires continued the work on the corridor connection end plate.

While George spent time sorting out some paintwork divots on thr BSK

Michael has I think come the end of the work on the seat frames. Here painting the final one with red oxide.

Phil is starting the prep work for the sinks and toilets to go back into the TSO 4986

While John Osborn started the construction of the DA value link pipes. The under frames do seem to vary and some times the positioning od the vacuum cylinder under the carriage means there is a posoinal clash. A short stand off pipe resolves the isse but while we had a few that supply has run out. So John, to the rescue, is making some new ones.

Andy who just happens to also be a guard, spent the day working on the Guards area in thr BSK. This one of the cupboard doors. that wouldn't slide.

Steve was busy today fitting the new toilet cupboard doors in the south vestibule of 4986.

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