Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Saturday - Coming towards the end

There are various moments when we get a sense of moving towards the end of a project. There were several signs o that today.

Andy and Phil retest a vacuum cylinder. Its some thing we do when fitting one back under a carriage. We have already tested it when it was overhauled but it may have then spent sometime 'in store' before being required or use. So we always retest on fitting.

Then it was a question o getting under 21092. The other one was fitted on Thursday.
We have done some extensive floor work in this carriage but that is now nearing completion. The floor is down in the corridor and Steve has made these strips to it along the outer wall. They will act as mount blocks for the wall panelling and a back stop for the levelling floor screed before the lino is fitted
Another sign is when the painting team start to focus on door edges

There has also been a lot o switching and sorting o the seats or the carriage. These are going back into store. However, these day Kevin wraps each one is film to protect it.

Dave helped Kevin take the seats and protected cushions to the storage BG in the yard.

John Squires making a mount plate that will be fitted to the trolley for moving vacuum cylinders..


On 4986 we have found one small section of Z section that needed replacing. John Osborn did the honours and welded back the section o outer body plating that had been removed for the work.

Another sign o the 'end game' on 4986 is the corridor connections going back on. Ken has this down to a fine art and with a small team to assist got this one moved into position and mounted on the end o the carriage in under half an hour.

Once it was on Steve could get back to fitting out the vestibule. Starting with the constructing the base framing and panelling


In the barn George has a change from sanding and filling by painting "Underframe Black" on S&T's trailer.

and that's the end of the blog the end of the new Winchcombe siding. Richard and Paul helping out with some cleaning up of the buffer stops and then red oxide painting them.

A combined report by Peter and Dave.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

4986 is coming along quickly now, and 21092!
Well done to you all.
P.S. The buffer stop (stop block), looks great!
Regards, Paul.