Monday, 29 October 2018

Saturday - A Testing Day

Following an email from the maintenance team the first job of the day was clearly defined. replace the burst steam heat hose on the south end of the main rake. However the first thing was to make up a new one and a couple more spares.

Once done and the change made as the train stopped at Winchcombe the old hose was returned to the workshop. The old hose had been wrapped in gaffa tape. Well it held until we replaced it but not really the way to deal with a steam hose!


Its a long way Bob! Starting at the far end he worked his way along the carriage back to the ladder; the roof of the carriage is not a good place to paint yourself into a corner. by the mid afternoon the job was done and the undercoating o the centre section o the roof was completed. 

Inside was equally busy with painting of the disabled area in full swing

I spent much o the day making the guards door on the Malvern side shut. Those door liners again!

The little parts need just as much attention Andy freeing up the action o some interior door hinges.

John Osborn was busy dealing with a request from Santa. The Elves need some steps to reach their workroom. These are specially open steps so the snow and ice doesn't gather on them.

The visitors steps for the Santa Carriage have also been getting the treatment.

As 21092 progresses George has been able to return to the BSK prep work.

It was a testing morning or Ian. That is being tested for driving the O3 yard shunter. The smile says it all, he passed. well done Ian.

Now you know those carriages you were shunting round the yard. Could you put them away again. Yes I know its now throwing the rain down!

Thursday - Richard day

I was back in on Thursday this was as we had a management meeting in the evening so while I was going in I might as well spend the day there.

The group of volunteers arriving each day have a slightly different mix of skills so the jobs undertaken vary considerably. We often have many Dave's or John's in attendance but today it was a trio of Richards's that featured.

 There were more painters around so 21092 was getting  the undercoat cream on the Malvern side

and the interior of the disabled area was being sanded and prepped or painting.

The flooring in the toilets was removed and the floor assessed for repairs. The far side will need some attention. So there will be a new section of floor board here.

Underneath Richard Johnson and Phil connected up the vacuum cylinder on the Malvern side.


Richard Budd was wiring up a set on LED lights and testing them for use in a taillight. Its so much less messy and much more reliable than using the original system.


Richard Bates was doing the wiring of the switch in the lamp unit itself.

Working on the internals trim on 4986 Pat was down to the last ew sections.


In the barn Ian and I did some more painting on the S&T trailer.

While Ken continued the welding on the north end skin of CK7221 Nick was preparing the new base plate for the south end, This won't be fitted until the new year now as the carriage has to go back out side for the rotation of the winter work on the main rakes to take place.

Wednesday - End game

Looking at the pictures or Wednesday we certainly had a focus on the end of things.

During the day we moved 4986 less than one metre but that was enough to get a scaffold tower between it and the DMU. With the tower in position Ken started on reconstructing the gangway.

Internally there was more work on the panelling. A light sand and another coat of varnish.

 John Varley was  preparing and rebuilding a J Section for the gangway on 7221. We have a supply o new channelling so we can simple remove the old rusty section and weld a new length on. A somewhat simple job than trying to do repairs to all the odd holes.


This hinge on the Malvern side of 4986 was refitted. The door had to be put back in place first to ensure we got the positioning right. The door was then back off and into the woodwork shop for the re panelling of the door to start.,

 The capping strip is being put back on several door openings at the moment the woodwork team having completed the replacement of the door liners (posts). These have to be very precise or the door won't fit in the hole!
On the seating front Dave Ward was repairing a couple of chair frames for the main rakes RBr. They had got rather wobbly. A couple of spares have been put into service in the mean time.
The upholstery team were sort seats again today as they are in the process of completing the rolling replacement of seat on a carriage in the third rake. One section of the carriage was done earlier in the year. Now the third rake is out of service for a while and based back at Winchcombe the chance has arisen to complete the job.

 In our currently crowded situation in the works the dust has to be swept from the roof before Malcolm can set about the first top coat on the Cotswold side
Out in the barn with the protection o the roller shutters Ken Austin was able to make more progress on the northern end of CK7221. The first job was to cut a new section o sheet steel to size. Then weld it into position.
The right hand corner done and painted with red-oxide and the let hand corner well on the way.

Also taking advantage of our new space Derek was busy positioning the planks for the deck of the S&T trailer.


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tuesday - Great progress

With just eleven in we made some great progress all round.

Beginning with BCK 21092, Stu completed the line taping on the Malvern side before painting in undercoat brown - initially finishing the gutter panelling which had been started last week, before proceeding to the lower panels.

With both sides of the roof now cleaned up and undercoated, we needed to make a start on the centre section. Maurice begins with the south end, working both around and on the tank filler pipes.

Later in the day, the "lion roars" (the sound of the heavy pully running along the safety wire) as Maurice makes his way back along the roof having worked on the north end. In the foreground are the oxide coated filler pipes at the south end.

I wanted us the get going on the inside of the guards and disabled compartments, so it was a case of finding space against the Paintshop wall to store all the contents of the latter which had become a dumping ground. Once emptied Bob and Keith cleaned up the ceiling.

It was then on with the undercoating which didn't take very long.

They then moved onto the walls and in no time these were being undercoated in cream, ready for a top coat of "Executive Light Grey".

Meanwhile Dave Hancox lightly sanded the guards corridor and then moved into the guards compartment.

Derek was back with S&T's trailer, fitting the replacement planking. With all the planking cut to size and in place, the new nuts and bolts are going on.

Another photo of the buffer stops at the end of the new siding looking very striking in their fresh coat of paint. I did wonder where all my red oxide had gone. However metal workers, fear not, as a new paint order should arrive soon to stock us up again.

Report by Dave Clark

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Saturday - Coming towards the end

There are various moments when we get a sense of moving towards the end of a project. There were several signs o that today.

Andy and Phil retest a vacuum cylinder. Its some thing we do when fitting one back under a carriage. We have already tested it when it was overhauled but it may have then spent sometime 'in store' before being required or use. So we always retest on fitting.

Then it was a question o getting under 21092. The other one was fitted on Thursday.
We have done some extensive floor work in this carriage but that is now nearing completion. The floor is down in the corridor and Steve has made these strips to it along the outer wall. They will act as mount blocks for the wall panelling and a back stop for the levelling floor screed before the lino is fitted
Another sign is when the painting team start to focus on door edges

There has also been a lot o switching and sorting o the seats or the carriage. These are going back into store. However, these day Kevin wraps each one is film to protect it.

Dave helped Kevin take the seats and protected cushions to the storage BG in the yard.

John Squires making a mount plate that will be fitted to the trolley for moving vacuum cylinders..


On 4986 we have found one small section of Z section that needed replacing. John Osborn did the honours and welded back the section o outer body plating that had been removed for the work.

Another sign o the 'end game' on 4986 is the corridor connections going back on. Ken has this down to a fine art and with a small team to assist got this one moved into position and mounted on the end o the carriage in under half an hour.

Once it was on Steve could get back to fitting out the vestibule. Starting with the constructing the base framing and panelling


In the barn George has a change from sanding and filling by painting "Underframe Black" on S&T's trailer.

and that's the end of the blog the end of the new Winchcombe siding. Richard and Paul helping out with some cleaning up of the buffer stops and then red oxide painting them.

A combined report by Peter and Dave.