Monday, 3 September 2018

Wednesday - Diversions

Diversions happen. My trips to Winchcombe of late seem to have constant diversions with roads either being dug up or re-laid. In the works we having a series of diversions of our own.

In theory the main focus should be TSO 4986 and David has been steadily preparing the window frames on the Malvern side ready for painting

The upholstery team have most of the seats ready for the carriage but as can be seen here currently have diverted to work on some compartment seats.

Derek is working of boxes for the signal boxes.

I, with assistance from various members of the department, have started on the mounts for the door panels to 4986.

while the door teams focus on the 34929's 10 doors! Mike with the panel for one of the guards doors

Ken is getting close to completing the Malvern side body work.

Some rounded window corners to go in before the frames are fitted. The first of 8 in place.

Another diversion but one we feel is required. 21092 has an area converted for wheelchair access but we discovered there is no heating in the area. So we have started to connect up some radiators. The first job was to run  supply pipes. Of course we then realised we didn't have enough pipework so had to order some more in. We have a great supplier and the tube arrived the next day.

Derek did get back to his other diversionary job, rebuilding 2 platform trollies. Here some of the metal work has been cleaned up and gets a coat of red oxide.

Another diversion for the day was the repot of a broken window on the maroon rake. so a replacement pane of glass was quickly prepared.

The damage was something we haven't seen before. this was in the form of hole in the aluminium door. It can be seen beside the hinge. On inspection at the end of the day John Hamer found that the glass was actually still intact but pulled clear of the carrier. The carrier and the glass had both ended up rammed down into the bottom of the door. This must have happened with some force to have broken the bottom window stop off the door casting creating the hole.

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