Sunday, 16 September 2018

Wednesday - Digging Day

So we begin! However, don't get carried away this is NOT the much desired carriage shed!

After much measurement and double checking Steve moved in with the JCB to excavate the holes for the support columns of the barn extension.

A big hole but it proved to be the easiest to dig out. The other 2 both required the removal of parts of a concrete slab.

One section of the slab turned over during the work to reveal what was laying on the ground when it was laid. imbedded in the concrete is a length of chain and a wedge probably from a wagon....once.

The final section was so thick we needed the jack hammer borrowed from P'Way to knock a corner off it. That cleared the way for one column the other we left the slab alone. At 18" thick we reckon its strong enough! The column for that position will need modifying.

Vaguely continuing the column theme John Varley completed the set of posts for the M&C department.

Geoff completed the hinge side door liner on door 5 of 4986.

while Trevor took on the wood block infills on one of the doors.

Des having investigated the 2 horizontal scars on the panelling concluded it would have to be replaced the veneer being completely worn away. This is from the centre vestibule of 4986 which was locked out of use for mainline running. A trolley had been parked in the vestibule space and worn the panelling away. We removed the panel as a complete section to use as a template for a new one.

Colin was making up the last step for the Fruit C wagon The wagon had to go out without it which is no problem as the wagon isn't needed just yet. Some paint and it will soon be in place.

In the barn the 2 Malvern side windows were test fitted.

Penny and Dave continued the efforts of the upholstery team to stay ahead of the game with seat overhauls.

#and Ken started on the long haul of stud replacements on this corridor end. Drilling out around 45 rusted or sheered studs re-tapping the holes and putting new studs in place takes a long time and a lot of commitment,

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Terrific job you all do at C and W

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